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Kristine dela Cruz

Moonyeen Holdings Inc - HR Supervisor

“It helps me becomemore open minded and more considerate and understanding on others' situation. I realized that i have some of the qualities/values of a leader but i dont know how to show/execute it.”


Rodgie L. Matias

Moonyeen Holdings Inc - Sales Manager

“The program is informative and inspirational. The topics and discussions makes me realize if i am doing the right thing in managing people and if not, what should i do to correct my shortcomings.”


Jamie Bagang

RCBC Savings Bank - Product Marketing Manager

“This program coaches employees effectively. It is the best leadership seminar i have attended so far because it presented a holistic approach of how to become a true leader.”


Lou Divina B. Nebres

Generali Philippines - Area Sales Leader

“The whole program has made a huge impact on me. Now, I think i'm ready to take on a more meaningful leadership role that would add more value to my team members. The program flow was smooth, clear and systematic..”


Mary Grace Cueva

RCBC Savings Bank - Department Head

“This would help to train more leaders and supervisors to handle their people. It gives us more training, enlightening ideas on how to handle people. the whole training/workshop is a good program to become a good leader to his/her people.”


Francis Jed Patricio

Reed Elsevier - Operations Supervisor

“I really appreciate this training & will use what I have learned. This is very helpful especially for us leaders because we might encounter these different type of scenarios.”


Charmaine Espinas

Procter and Gamble - Systems Analyst

“Very data-centric/statistical approach which would be helpul in making objective decisions. the exercises helped validate my understanding and the tools were helpful (5S, 5 Whys, etc).”


Tristan Jay Cinco

Cloud Sherpas - Salesforce.com Application Support Lead

“Stories are relevant and I can surely make use of my learnings to put my team on the right track.”


Ron De Guzman

Navitaire (Accenture) - Software Dev Senior Analyst

“Training was lively and informational at the same time. Speaker pointed out examples applicable and relevant to the type of work we do. speaker also used different types of media.”