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Luigi Mapa started teaching in 2014. For Mapa, training and consultancy are directly in line with his personal vocation as an individual and contributing member of society. He is a figure that believes and works towards not only building bridges but assisting people in getting across –to find belief in themselves and their capabilities.

Mapa is currently the Chief Learning Engineer of Link Organizational Development (LinkOD). He is known for designing and implementing initiatives that center on performance improvement. Luigi has seen success with over 60 major local and foreign companies such as Asia Development Bank, ABS-CBN, Swedish Match Philippines, Accenture, Meralco, Unilab, Procter and Gamble, IBM, BPI, etc.

He is very well identified as an excellent public speaker and has made a name for himself in this realm though his workshops on leadership productivity, innovation, project management, teambuilding, and strategic planning. Social responsibility is a pursuit that Luigi puts to high regard. His main strengths all gravitate towards organizational development as well as strategic planning and execution.

Since 2004, Luigi has spoken at over 300 corporate events, and 35 schools in youth-oriented events. His name is synonymous with non-profit organizations such as the Ayala Foundation, PHINMA Scholarship Program, and Makati Medical Center Foundation to name a few.