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Resource person


Inspire Program Facilitator of:

  • Uplift Pillar from Leadership that Matters Workshop Series
  • Stress Management
  • Managing Millenials


Marivic is currently the President and CEO of Beyond – The Medical Hub and a Graduate School Professor at St Joseph College, QC. She’s previously the President and CEO of Medical Centers in two hospital networks, Metro Pacific and Mount Grace Hospital Inc. Occupied Executive posts in tertiary hospitals as Senior Vice President, Vice President managing Human Resources, Administration and Marketing. Was Senior Vice President, Vice President and Resorts Manager in various real estate and residential resort club.


Twenty years experience in Human Resources Management specifically in the field of Organizational Development, Training and Development, Recruitment and Employee Relations, Customer Relations, and Quality Management. Convention speaker to International Council of Nurses, Asian Workforce Forum, Philippine College of Hospital Administrators, Philippine Hospital Association, Philippine Society for Quality Assurance, Semi Conductors of the Philippines, etc.


Marivic graduated with the Doctor of Philosophy, Major in Educational Management with Research and Academic Excellence Awards at the University of Rizal System ( March 2010), aside from his Ph.D, she is also a graduate of Masters in Business Administration at Philippine School of Business Administration (1989). Graduate of Bachelor Degree in Psychology at the College of the Holy Spirit, Mendiola -Leadership and Socio Cultural Awards (1986). Authored  scientific papers in Quality Improvement and Customer Relations and won twice in the TQM contest in the Philippine Society for Quality Assurance