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Marianne Mencias

Marianne authored a book entitled What’s Your Life’s Masterpiece? – A well-recognized bestseller in the Philippines. She is known as an incredibly passionate person that exercises her full efforts towards assisting and guiding people find meaning in their lives. She is ultimately concerned with helping people achieve self-actualization by living in authentic alignment with what gives their life purpose.

In her book, she interviews 10 World-Class Filipinos and explores how the common denominator among all these individuals is that their mindsets and subsequent attitudes are all geared towards doing what they love. Marianne is also recognized as a great motivational speaker. Upon launching her book, she has given over 300 motivational talks to workshops, schools, organizations, and top companies all around the world.

The fulfillment of dreams is the core spirit that drives Marianne and what she sets out to instill in her readers and listeners. She worked for a large-scale multinational company for 6 years and has a full sense of what it is like to work in a corporate environment. Marianne came to the conclusion that happiness stems from discovering purpose in one’s personal and professional endeavors.  According to Marianne, this sense of fulfillment is something that permeates in every aspect of one’s life and should be shared with others.