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Francis Kong

One of the most prominent inspirational speakers in the Philippines and sought-after business consultant, Francis Kong is a name that resounds in every industry in the country.

His successful career track as a businessman inspires leaders to seek his wisdom and develop growth through his seminars and training.

Mr. Kong founded a famous garment brand which he ran successfully for 17 years. Aside from that, he has overseen the local retail marketing and operations of an Italian brand.

He is the founder and president of Success Options Publishing Company and Funworks Inc. and co-founded Inspire, a leadership consultancy company and the only leadership consultancy that is licensed by the John Maxwell leadership program.

A trailblazer in his own right, he even makes time for some of the country’s business corporations when they are in need of leadership training, business consultancy, and management consultancy.

He is co-recipient of the Anvil Award for Excellence for the staging of the Dr. John Maxwell Leadership Seminar Series. He is also the recipient of 2008 Dr. Jose Rizal Award for Excellence in the field of Journalism. Mr. Kong is also the holder of The Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) award for 2014.

He has been trained and licensed by Maximum Impact of Atlanta Georgia to do the Maxwell leadership programs. He was also trained and licensed by The Ziglar Corporation in London to do the Ziglar Sales and Presentation programs.

With his wide range of credentials, you might think that he is untouchable but as a broadcaster, journalist, speaker, and author, his knowledge is imparted to whoever needs it and he is easily approachable by many people through his social media presence and even in real life.

Truly, he learns from people as they learn from him as evidenced by the 336 talks and seminars (and counting) that he has conducted both locally and overseas.