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The 360 Leader

How do you lead your subordinates, boss, peers, and yourself all at the same time? And how do you assess your leadership in all different angles?

Some of the greatest misconceptions about leadership come from the misunderstanding of what leadership actually is. Many think that leadership is a position or a title. Others think it’s dictatorship. While some think that it’s ‘in-born’.

Leadership is influence. And influence should not only go below. It should spread across and up in all different degrees.

This premier training program developed by Mr. John C. Maxwell, attended by thousands of leaders from the biggest multinational and local companies teaches tools and cases on the challenges faced by people in the “middle of the pack” like self-management and leadership progression. It aims to develop a manager into a leader by becoming more effective in leading subordinates, peers, bosses, and oneself.

Program Outline

All sessions are highly interactive and are designed to draw out insights, personal realizations, and feedback from the participants.

  • The Myths of Leading from the Middle of an Organization
  • The Challenges Facing the 360° Leader
  • The Value of 360° Leaders
  • Leading Yourself
  • Leading Down (Subordinates)
  • Leading Across (Peers)
  • Leading Up (Superiors)
  • Practical Application
  • Creating an Environment that Unleashes 360° Leaders
  • 360° Leader Assessment and Action Planning


After the Workshop

Validate Team Action Plan with management

Participants: Managers, Supervisors

Duration: 1 Day

Delivery: Public Runs, Train the Trainers Program, In-House

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