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Putting The WOW in your Customer Service

Begin with the customer experience in mind first.” Steve Jobs

“if your service isn’t meaningful in some way, you are wasting your resources and irritating your guest.” – Merril Yu

Contrary to popular belief, customer hospitality does not have a cost.

People experience standards that are a creative combination of familiar elements to create a guest experience that is memorably positive. 

In this premier customer service training program developed and formulated by the notable Filipino international hotelier, Mr. Merril Yu (Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, The Peninsula Group, MGM Mirage, etc.), participants from different industries are taught that customer service is about the customer—not the organization nor about you.

This comprehensive program presents the framework of a great customer service through tools, cases, and thousands of experiences by the speaker. It debunks the myths of service standards of customers and employees. It also presents the requisite design of a great guest experience.

What you will Learn:


  1. Understand what experiential means
  2. Know the specifics of what your customers are looking for
  3. Realize how easy it is to make your customers happy
  4. Learn to design meaningful experiences for the customers
  5. Unleash your “AHA!” delivering that service WOW!


Program Outline


  • Debunking Standards
  • Examine what are our customer standards at work
  • Case Studies (Zappos, Lexus, Four Seasons)
  • How to relate the learning from the case studies to the participants’ individual work
  • Uncovering Challenges: Analyze what goes on at work that ‘takes away’ from giving great customer experience


  • Case Study: Stockpot (Campbells Soup)
  • Revisit Customer Experience Standards
  • Tom Peters’ 44 Secrets and Solution


Insights from the speaker:

WOW, achieving it, being consistent, improving & growing it organically come from simple DNA… sprinkle DNA with a culture of encouragement, smart & efficient service design, turning your people of potential loose and presto – the monumentally magnificent trivialities of memorable service come alive!

Whether you pitch pizza, guestrooms, food in settings that are face to face, over the phone or by email – with today’s cutthroat competition, no business is excluded from being a commodity.

In a sea of wannabe’s and clones, what makes you, your team and your business stand out?

To be memorably good… rather than – forgettably average and memorably bad!

The secret is pretty simple – learn it from some of the best in the field – from the 3 A’s to Landor’s Customer Journey…

WOW – the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree…”


Participants: Any level in the organizations, Highly recommended to front-liners

Duration: 1 Days

Delivery: Public Runs, Train the Trainers Program, In-House

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