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Culture of Personal Excellence

Success starts with the choice to be excellent. One doesn’t become successful by wishing to be one, because in order to thrive, a person has to go out, harness his skills, and strive.

Discover the basics of success through the “Culture of Personal Excellence” program and be equipped for a journey towards personal victory. This training program developed by Mr. Francis Kong, the country’s most sought-after speaker, was designed to gear and jump-start leaders to a brand new career life that will move them toward excellence and success.

Program Outline

  1. EXCELLENT AWARENESS (Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset)
    • Making everyday an opportunity for productivity.
    • Understanding the 3 major components of maximized output.
      • Motivation
      • Direction
      • Appreciation
  2. EXCELLENT WORTH (Understanding Team-Man-Ship)
    • Discovering one’s intrinsic values and building a healthy sense of self-esteem and respect.
      • Teamwork
      • Victor’s Mindset vs. Victim’s Mindset
      • Building a culture of compliments
  3. EXCELLENT CONTROL  (Educating IQ and EQ)
    • Taking personal responsibility for decisions made and words said.


  4. EXCELLENT INTEGRITY  (Building Personal Equity through Trust and Credibility)
    • The real definition of integrity
    • Integrity for personal profitability
  5. EXCELLENT DISCIPLINE  (Battling with the Greatest Enemy)
    • Managing failures
    • Developing perseverance
  6. EXCELLENT EXPECTANCIES  (Raising the Bar for Personal Success)
    • Becoming a life-long learner
    • Embracing change
  7. EXCELLENT DIMENSION  (The True Meaning of Success)
    • Discovering purpose and meaning
    • A serious look at history and biography


Participants: Presidents, CEOs, Executives, Managers, Supervisors

Duration: 1 Days

Delivery: Public Runs, Train the Trainers Program, In-House

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