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Be The Best Seller

Most salespeople’s first thought the moment they wake up in the morning is always all about ‘quota!’.

In this mindset, most salespeople are sold out to the idea of simply getting a sale, forgetting the strategic process of how to get the sale. It’s becomes all too ‘personal’. It’s becomes all about ‘me’.

The Best Seller Sales Program, a revolutionary and modern sales training program, aims to recalibrate the mindset of the sales people to the idea that a sale is neither about the product nor about you. It is about the customer.

The program teaches the audience on how to understand its customers, markets, products, and its organization to properly create a strategy of communication to potential customers through the use of tools, cases, and thousands of real-life experiences of the speaker, Mr. Ed Patron. It also presents actions for negotiation, pre-sale and after-sales development.

The program sets sail by educating its audience the importance of understanding one’s self and inculcating self-awareness to achieve full potential in creating relationships with clients. It also emphasizes the use of modern technology to streamline sales without the absence of human relationship and a smile.

Participants: Account Executives, Sales People, Sales Managers, Sales Directors

Duration: 1 Days

Delivery: Public Runs , Train the Trainers Program, In-House

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