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Problem Solving & Root Cause Analysis


This Workshop is specially designed for Problems Solving and Root Cause Analysis for Manufacturing and Industrial companies. At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Categorize types problems and apply applicable problem solving frameworks.
  • Analyze problems which are sporadic in nature using the proven tools in the industry.
  • Analyze problems which are chronic in nature using the proven tools in the industry.
  • Effectively identify and validate Root Causes (Technical, Systemic and Detection)
  • Learn to apply commonly used frameworks: 8D, DMAIC and PDCA.

By applying the skills learned, participants and organizations can expect to gain the following benefits:

  • improved effectiveness in  identifying and resolving problems
  • Reduced problem solving cycle time and customer acceptance in creating 8Ds.
  • Increased technical capability of engineers.
  • increased quality and yields

Project Outline

Day One.
– Course Agenda
– Course Objectives
– Types 0f Problems: Chronic and Sporadic

Sporadic / Non-Day 1 Problems
– 8D Framework
– Pipeline Analysis
– Problem Description
– Containment
– Root Cause Analysis
– ‘Kepner-Tregoe’ Methodology
– Fault-Tree Analysis
– Ishikawa / Cause-Effect / 5Whys
– Statistical Validation Methods
– Corrective and Preventive Actions
– Control and Risk Concepts

Day Two
– DMAIC AND PDCA Framework
– Process and Characterization
– Metrology
– Process Capability
– Breaking down the deviation / Problem
– Root Cause Analysis
– Statistical Validation
– Control Concepts


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