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Innovation Principles and Design Thinking

Design Thinking: Creative Problem Solving Through Human Centric Design

Design Marathon: 2 day program
Design Sprint: 5 day program


To equip management teams with tools and strategies for creative thinking – To discover new opportunities for the innovation and growth of businesses – To future proof businesses with new business models and frameworks of thinking – To use empathy is a cornerstone to reach new insights and moments of truth – To create a shared language that can spark conversations and creative problem solving

Discover Phase

Presentation One: What is Design Thinking? About: An introduction to the workshop

  • History of Design Thinking
  • Double Diamond Approach

Presentation Two: Building Blocks to Innovation About: A discussion on the types of innovation
that have influenced business models today. It is can be used as a diagnostic tool to analyse
competition, identity gaps and reveal openings for something new for the market.

  • Introduction
  • Teb types of Innovation
  • Case Studies

Presentation Three: The Business Model Canvas About: A one page overview of a new or existing business. The visual presentation allows for strategic insight into the business in order to identity new opportunities and strategies.

  • Introduction
  • The 9 Building Blocks
  • Case Study
  • Activity: BMC in Practice

Presentation Four: The Value Proposition Canvas About: A tool that centres around customer value creation. It leverages ideas to address the pain points of customers and aligns with their needs and desires.

  • Introduction
  • The 9 Building Blocks
  • Case Study
  • Activity: VPC in Practice

Define Phase
Presentation Four: Making Choices About: A presentation of actionable tools to help stimulate
better brainstorming, and decision making. It promotes active reasoning, and stimulation of
conversations in a team.

  • Making Choices Tool Kit
  • Back and Forth with the Business Model

Presentation Five: Understanding Customers About: Understanding your customer’s perspective
is crucial in designing a great value proposition. This is a discussion on the actionable tools for us to
get to know our customers deeply.

  • Six Techniques to Gain Customer Insights
  • Customer Persona
  • Empathy Map
  • Activity: Customer Persona/Empathy Map in Practice

Presentation Six: Mapping Experiences
About: By creating diagrams of experiences, we are able
to break apart an organisation and journey with the customer. It helps shifts the mindset, and allows
us to step in the customers shoes.

  • Types of Experience Diagrams
  • Researching the Experience
  • Envisioning
  • Activity: Experience Diagrams in Practice

Develop Phase
Presentation Seven: Designing Brand Identity
About: A brand is more than just it’s name—it is
how customers connect and build relationships with your brand.

  • What is a brand?
  • Brand Ideals: Vision, Mission, Values
  • Case Studies
  • Adlib, Onlniess and Brand Tagline
  • Activity: Designing Brand Identity in Practice

Presentation Eight: Designing Value
About: This is where all the activities and ideas converge into
an initial design draft.

  • Process Overview
  • Design is Storytelling
  • Prototyping d. Activity: Design Draft One
  • Deliver Phase

Presentation Nine: Beta

  • Testing Process
  • Alignment
  • Beta launch
  • Activity: Final output from the workshop

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