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Krish Dhanam

Krish Dhanam can be perceived as the embodiment of the American Dream. He authored The American Dream from an Indian Heart, From Abstracts to Absolutes, and is coauthor to Top Performance written by the iconic Zig Ziglar. Krish was born on the coasts of Vizag in Pradesh, India. He accomplished his MBA at the Institute of Management Technology in 1984 and then set out to migrate to the United States in 1986.

Krish is well-known for passionately showing that the American Dream is something alive and well; it is something found within the hearts of all –the spiritual manifestations of faith, discipline, freedom, dignity, work ethic, and possibility. His fundamental beliefs have the ability to strike a chord with any individual that has the will to succeed. There is hope for the hidden promise.

His humble story as an immigrant and all the challenges that he encountered when moving to the United States touches on resonant themes of bravery and spiritual perseverance. Krish is a dynamic public speaker whose written work is beloved by a wide range of readers and has received positive recognition from mentoring peers such as sales icon Tom Hopkins as well spiritual thinker and theologian Dr. Ramesh Richard.