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The Truth About Becoming a Person of Influence


What are the main characteristic elements embodied by influential individuals?

  1. Appreciation
  2. Inspiration
  3. Humility
  4. Empathy



In today’s modern digital age, influencers are synonymous with the realm of social media. But influencers have been around since the very dawn of civilization. These are the dynamic individuals that have strong capacities for leadership development and have made significant impacts to all those around them.

But what does it mean to be a person of influence? Is it something surface-level that is merely a matter of how one stands and speaks or is it something deeper. Influence is having the inherent ability to get others to see things in a multitude of ways and getting them to act for themselves. People of influence come in many forms; they are not just people in high executive positions. Influencers are people that we encounter on a daily basis. These are the individuals that have a firm belief in the people around them and what they can fully achieve.

Here are some fruitful aspects to think about when it comes to understanding what makes a person influential and how one can apply these principles to his or her own life:




A Genuine Sense of Appreciation

Influence is the product of gaining people’s sincere attention. People of influence exuberate a sense of love and appreciation for all those they encounter. This may not necessarily be in the sweet and flowery sense, but that intrinsic quality of thankfulness for all that they are faced with is what connects them with people.

Influencers have a strong magnetism to them that is highly alluring because they make us feel that it is indeed possible to be happy and reach the things we set out to do. We need a sense of gratitude for everything in our lives in order to move forward. Leaders always make it a point to acknowledge other people’s ideas because they themselves know how significant the work meant to that person in order for them to accomplish what they did.



The Ability to Strike Inspiration

In almost all cases, we find ourselves so drawn to certain individuals because of the feelings that they strike within us. People of influence have a certain knack for empowering other people. No matter where we are in our lives, we constantly need a driving sense of purpose and motivation.

The most successful influencers are people that not only inspire others but also reproduce leaders. Influence comes from having the capacity to open new lights to help other people in navigating their way through their many struggles and life in general. Life is full of storms and mentor-figures are people we look to in guiding us and preventing us from sinking into a deep hole of nihilism.




The Core Value of Humility

Having influence is not about getting others to think highly of you; it is to make people feel highly about themselves. Leaders know how to make people feel important and respected. One of the fuels of influence is humility. People of influence exhibit overwhelming waves of humility to all those in their presence. The reason why humility and influence go hand-in-hand is that when other people get the impression that you are confident yet authentically humble, they feel a strong inclination towards your sentiments as a person.

Humility is something that cannot be fabricated; it is the belief in something that is bigger than ourselves–a higher cause, a mightier purpose. True leaders are those who do not hesitate to admit that they have made mistakes. Influencers are people that adapt to their surroundings in order to directly or indirectly nurture people. At the end of the day, influencers are strong proponents of having faith towards other people.



A Deep Sense of Empathy

Empathy is one of the core human virtues that binds us all together. Influencers have an innate drive for preserving the integrity of others. They know how to truly listen to others and hear out what they are actually trying to communicate. The empathic understanding that people of influence have towards others is uncanny and strongly intuitive.

Life is made up of contradictions. People of influence are individuals that have the power to make people realize their own peace of mind. Leaders and influencers carry many of the same essential qualities. Leaders are bound to fail if they cannot connect with others because understanding is more valuable than knowledge. Leaders accept others without condition.



Key Takeaway

Leadership development is built on a myriad of platforms, one of them being the ability to influence others towards achieving the best that they can. The secret to successful influencers is that they know how to reconcile rugged individualism with higher callings.

Any successful organization is filled with proactive influencers that lead, take action, and inspire others to think. The heart of every influential leader is that intrinsic ability to identify and relate with others.

Lead people with a dedication like no other. Transform lives. Reach your maximum potential.

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