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5 Tips for Excellent Presentation Skills


What are some tips to have excellent presentation skills?

  1. Prepare
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Start strong
  4. Connect with the audience
  5. Practice



The ability to perform and communicate complex ideas to an audience through presentation is a skill that can take an individual a long way. Whether you are a high school student or working in a corporate environment, delivering presentations is one of the cornerstones that propel one to being a person of influence and being an effective leadership speaker in the Philippines.

There are many different approaches to speaking in front of an audience, of trying to get concepts across. Although public speaking is something universal, there are many specifics when it comes to executing an effective presentation. Utilizing visual materials and structuring the flow of your time on stage are things that all come into play while going through leadership training.

Explained below are a few of the major points to keep in mind when honing the craft of presentation delivery.



Preparatory Efforts

Preparing comes in a variety of packages and contexts. It goes without saying that when you prepare for a presentation, you should have all the necessary handouts, visuals, the appropriate dress attire, etc. But extensive preparation extends to something more than being organized.

When preparing for any sort of presentation, do everything that you can to gain a good sense of the people that you are presenting to. Take time to build your entire presentation strategy, and gear it towards the people and nature of the event. Presenting to a room of superiors would certainly call for a different type of dynamics from delivering a presentation to your immediate colleagues.



Keep it Simple

Keeping It Sweet and Simple

When preparing the general outline of how you want your presentation to turn out, keep in mind the core message of what you want your audience to not just remember, but to also ruminate on.

Depending on whether you are allotted a fixed time to present or if it is up to you to work with your own time frame, gravitate each of your presentation factor towards what the root of your discussion is—why you are standing there in the first place.



Making a Strong Start

The initial moments of your presentation and time on stage are arguably the most crucial.

In many cases, they really are a make-or-break scenario. On the contrary, making a strong and powerful impact is something that requires utmost delicate touches.

Concentrating too much on making a ‘bang’ would make one come off as incredibly obnoxious. You may have abruptly gained their attention, but not their hearts and minds.

At the end of the day, when it comes to executing an effective presentation intro, it is all a matter of personal style—what works best for you and what you have.

What has proven to be a successful approach to you when you meet new people? How did you interact that made the initial conversation pleasant? Are people captivated by your humorous charm? By your soft and reassuring demeanor? By your motivational seriousness or by your sweet and bubbly nature?

Genuinely reflect and use these to your advantage when talking to an audience.



Connect with the Audience

Connecting with Audiences

There are many ways of going about building a bridge between your presentation and each of the audience members. But the common denominator is to strike something deep in them; something that tugs at their innermost humanity, thoughts, and feelings.

It is up to you if you would work best with engagement through active audience participation or sharing stories that are appropriate for your presentation points.

The main sentiment here is to be meaningfully pleasant and entertaining. It also helps to let your audience be aware of the fact that you are not some sort of superior being with all the answers; you are a human being just like they are.



Practice and Evaluation

On a more pragmatic note, it may sound corny, but practice really does make perfect.

Do some presentation run-throughs. And after ironing out your presentation tactics, make sure to a lot of significant amounts of time towards visualization or how you want your actual live presentation to come off, and exercise your practice efforts towards assuring the turnout.

Effective evaluation is a synthesis of asking somebody their honest criticisms on how it went and your own genuine thoughts on how you did. Remember that improvement towards any endeavor is a trial and error process that you have to be in tune with.



Key Takeaway

Leadership speakers in the Philippines are experts when it comes to delivering presentations. Keep these key points in mind and observe how they take shape while in attendance at a conference.

The different tactics elaborated in this article are some of the most foundational aspects of leadership training. A closing note is to remember to always stay relaxed and collected at all times when you are on stage. Find a way to transform whatever anxiety that you are feeling into fun and excitement.

Lead people with a dedication like no other. Transform lives. Reach your maximum potential.

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