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Top 6 Signs That You Need to Change Your Leadership Style


When do you need to adopt a different leadership style?

  1. Employees Are Resigning
  2. Customer Satisfaction Levels Are Dropping
  3. Leaders Are Close-Minded
  4. Talented Professionals Are Stagnating in Their Current Roles
  5. Disorganized Business Processes
  6. No one is Taking Risks


Leadership has evolved throughout the years. With new generations coming into the workforce, you have to take a step back and ask yourself if your leadership style is still as effective as it was before.

There are tell-tale signs that tell you that it’s time to change your leadership style. Different programs such as Six Sigma Training in the Philippines helps create new leadership styles that are better suited for your company. The lecture’s DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, and Verify) methodology identifies problem areas in your business practices and helps you create effective solutions.

Read on to see how can you adopt leadership styles.


Employees Are Resigning

Upset Employee Packing Belongings In Box, Frustrated Stressed Ma

When the company is experiencing high turnover rates, this signifies as a huge red flag that could have resulted from certain leadership styles. Although it may not have been your fault, tweaking your leadership style could help alleviate the situation, especially to those in your team.

Certain measures such as interviewing individuals through small conversations can uncover the reasons as to why each employee is leaving or could help identify inconsistencies between leadership styles. Try to create and discover new business processes that can improve the experiences of employees and see which approach fits best.


Customer Satisfaction Levels Are Dropping

When your leadership style is not organized or disciplined enough, your employees may reflect the same style towards others – this causes them to fail when it comes to meeting the service expectations of customers, causing satisfaction levels to drop. This leads to unhappy customers who may not avail of your services again and may even post negative reviews on your website.

By making use of Six Sigma Training’s DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) method, you can better find and improve current business processes. This method pinpoints the areas in an employee’s training or works lives in which they are unhappy with.


Leaders Are Close-Minded

Two Uncertain Office Workers Reporting To Boss

If you notice your fellow employees voicing out that they are negatively affected by a specific process but no changes are being brought in, it could be another sign that leaders have been close-minded to change. Changing business processes is not a one-way street; it can’t be done through the person in charge. You will need to gather information from every party to gain their perspective regarding the parts of their job that they believe to be inefficient.

Encourage other leaders in your company to be more open-minded when it comes to new processes since it is for the better of the entire company. Close-minded leaders may also cause talented professionals to stagnate in their current roles.


Talented Professionals Are Stagnating in Their Current Roles

Employees are not taken in to just execute tasks, but to excel in them – preparing them to eventually lead a team of their own. If you are noticing that talented people in your team are stagnating in their current roles, then there may be a problem in the way that you lead.

Try and think of ways to further the potential of your employees. Another reason why promising professionals may stagnate is because of disorganized business processes.


Disorganized Business Processes

Stressed Man Frustrated With Electronic Devices

To monitor your business processes, revisit your Mission and Vision Statements. Make every single part of your business is doing its part to achieve your common goal. If you find that your business needs changes, then you will need to implement new processes. However, this will be a difficult step to do if no one in your company is willing to take any risks.


No One is Taking Risks

What will make your company stick out when compared to others? Innovate ­- the same goes for your leadership. If your employees are afraid to take risks, then you have created a culture with a fear of failure. Instead, try to encourage them to take risks for the sake of innovation and development.


Key Takeaway

An important part of being a leader is realizing when business processes stop being effective. If that happens to be your leadership style, then it is up to you to create a new way to lead your employees. Be more observant of your employees and their work ethics in order to spot any problem areas that may be rooted in misguided leadership.

Six Sigma Training in the Philippines will help you discover a new way to lead your company. These changes will create a more efficient style that will help you cater to your employees’ needs. This will shape you into a leader that can inspire your people to do better and be better.

Lead people with a dedication like no other. Transform lives. Reach your maximum potential.

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