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The Relationship Between Business Leadership and Inspiration


In what ways can inspiration be directly correlated with business leadership?

  1. Overcoming challenges
  2. Building trust
  3. Leading with authenticity
  4. Developing respect
  5. Encouraging creativity



The first principle of effective business leadership is understanding. Having a keen sense of knowledge and empathy for each and every single minute aspect of your business operations is the foundation for well-oiled business management. The ability to elicit inspiration is the most critical ingredient for a successful business here in the Philippines. Customer service training and leadership training are dependent on developing an individual’s motivation and willingness to learn, and learning always begins with an inspirational spark.

Effective leaders are individuals that inspire and are able to strike movement within people. The core duty of a leader is to gather people together in service of something that is greater than themselves—to work for a higher cause.

Below are the major marks that illustrate the connective tissue between business leadership and the ability to harness and spread inspiration:



Facing and Adapting to Challenges

Impeccable business leaders are individuals that have the inner strength, courage, and fortitude to face challenging situations where the odds are clearly against you. Whether it is navigating your way through a business downfall or struggling with getting employee morale back on track, effective business leaders are inspirational figures that know how to communicate even the deepest of abstractions and still inspire action.



Building Trust

Spreading the Importance of Trustworthiness

It is a given fact that employees are more loyal and exhibit genuine enthusiasm when working in an environment with people that they trust. Building trustworthiness is something that business leaders can only achieve through the sparks of inspiration and motivation.

Your employees need to feel that you very much care deeply about them and their well-being. Make it a point to take interest in your employees beyond the workplace. Do not confuse this with prying or being intrusive, but rather, take these opportunities to learn more about your employees as people. Getting to know your employees on a deeper level will give ideas as to the different ways on how you can raise them up and help them guide them through their career paths.



Understanding the Role of Authenticity

Employees of a company are always able to tell if you are pretending to be a figure that you are not. The important note here is that the secret to striking inspiration is identification and resonance. In order to be a successful business leader, you have to embrace your human flaws and don’t be afraid of letting your people know that you are a vulnerable creature just like they are.

Authenticity in this sense means working together as a team, blending and fusing all of your passions as a company into being the best that you can possibly be.



Developing Respect

Giving and Receiving Respect

Earning the respect of others around you means conducting yourself in such an ethical way that models the traits you want to see in others. This is not to be confused with being a jerky authoritarian, but rather, as a person of your word, living the core values that you believe and built your business with as a leader.

In this sense, respect is directly in line with inspiration. When your employees are inspired by you and everything that you stand for, they immediately gain a strong sense of value for you as a leader and your company’s vision.

Respect is built from communication, and without understanding from communication, moving forward is futile and impossible. There is a reason as to why the world’s best business leaders are also the world’s best communicators, it is because truly inspiring leaders take the right amount of time to make sure that communication is clear, concise, and progressive.



Ingenuity through Experimentation and Creativity

The world’s greatest business leaders will always remain curious, especially on an intellectual plane. This is because they are committed to the life long journey of learning. Being a good business leader means being inquisitive and always being in search of new ideas, insights, and information. It is impossible to be a creative business leader without striking something inspirational towards your employees.

Innovation and different approaches to doing things or getting things done is something that you should let your employees know is of utmost appreciation. It is through inspirational ingenuity that we make our business visions and pursuits come to life. Inspire your employees to take advantage of your many information resources and keep their burning curiosity for improvement alive.

Hearing and listening are not the same thing. Inspirational business leaders do not let something enter one ear and exit the other, they always put into heart and mind feedback and encouragement because they know that a shared sense of participation is vital to any business.



Key Takeaway

Whether its leadership training or customer service training here in the Philippines, whatever aspect of the business world it may be, the element of inspiration can take you a long way into becoming a successful business leader.

Lead people with a dedication like no other. Transform lives. Reach your maximum potential.

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