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5 Possible Reasons Your Customer Service Training in the Philippines is Failing


What are 5 reasons why your customer service training may be failing?

  1. Lack of training
  2. Ineffective problem-solving
  3. Insufficient focus on employee empowerment
  4. Lack of empathy
  5. Incidents of miscommunication



If you are reading this article, things may have gone awry with your customer service department or you may just be looking for ways on how to prevent this from happening to your business in the Philippines. Customer service training is the best way to solve this problem and with additional benefits in return.

Poor customer service can bring negative impacts to the company in many ways. It can result in the loss of customers, create a negative reputation for the company, or it may lead to the decrease in the overall profit of the business.



Lack of Experience

It doesn’t matter whether you are operating your business in a foreign country or in the Philippines, customer service training is essential in boosting significant advantages for your organization. Employees should be equipped with the necessary information about the products or services they sell so they can explain them properly without receiving backlash from the clients.

It would provide better progress in communication and may possibly result in your clientele praising the effort of your employees as well. This ensures that your customer service is pleasantly represented. They should also be trained in injecting empathy to their work performance together with the technical training that they receive. What this achieves is an authentic communication channel for both employees and clients.



Ineffective Problem-Solving

Ineffective Problem-Solving

Naively going to the root of the problem is not a guaranteed way to fix it but it sure is a start. Customer service staff should know how to act on a problem quickly and efficiently. Ineffective problem-solving will bring about many adverse effects which can ultimately hurt the business.

You should make sure that everyone is perfectly aligned with the goal of the business. There has to be a balance between doing work and providing a positive experience because sometimes, one is neglected for the other. Establish a clear command of the goals and objectives that you would want to achieve for the organization. This can all be delivered by an effective customer service system.



Not Enough Focus on Employee Empowerment

Boosting morale is one way of making sure that your employees are working efficiently. You have to build a suitable working environment for them. More than being properly compensated, they should be given important resources aligned with their work.

If customer service agents are not empowered, then there is a chance that they will lose interest in what they do. This will cause lower job performance and inefficient customer service. You can expose them to many variations of customer service training but if they are not happy with their workload, then this will all be for nothing.

This is one of the most important reasons why your customer service training is failing since employees are human and they are not built to function without emotions. If agents lack empowerment, they can lose confidence when they are making a call which can sometimes result in having to pass the customer to someone else on duty. Not only will this lead to decreased employee morale but it will also result in clients losing trust in the business.



Lack of Empathy

Lack of Empathy

It is normal to feel burnt out at work, but effective customer service training will teach employees that empathy is just as important as functionality. It can be a tempting occurrence to just go around and perform customer service in a robotic way, but this will not deliver a genuine communication between an agent and a client.

Most agents can become indifferent to their customers which typically results in a tension in communication. This will lead to more serious problems in the long run. In these cases, you can run a refresher course on customer service training and remind them of the purpose of customer service – to provide a positive customer experience.



Incidents of Miscommunication

There have been many cases of miscommunication in customer service that result to an irate customer screaming the ears off of an agent. Miscommunication is natural in our daily lives and it definitely extends to life outside of work. It is just an accepted fact that this happens – sometimes without warning – but in customer service, this can spell disaster.

Many incidents of miscommunication will make clients think that your customer service training has failed. In order to prove them wrong, have your employees make an initiative to have effective communication devices to clear things with the client. Empathy can also play a vital role in this because when the situation calls for it, the agent should be able to apologize as genuinely as possible.



Key Takeaway

These are the few possible reasons why your customer service training is failing but do not be disheartened because there are also many reasons why it is effective. Through this type of training, employees can learn about relevant skills and values that they can use even outside the office. More than just being effective customer service agents, they can also learn what it means to be a better person.

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