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Public Speaking Training Philippines: Why People Respond to Charismatic Leaders


Why do people respond well to charismatic leaders?

  1. They show what true conviction is
  2. They feel motivated
  3. They look at life more positively
  4. They inspire others to do the right thing


Charisma refers to the ability of a person to make other devoted to their cause. Charismatic leaders are essentially skilled communicators. This is why you see so many of them end up teaching at public speaking training in the Philippines, their audience tends to positively respond to them. They respond by listening intently, reciting, and generally show they care about what these people are discussing about.

Now, comes the question. What is in these leaders do people like so much? It’s surely not only because they know how to communicate very well, and this assumption holds true. People do not like charismatic leaders purely because of the way they talk, but because their words bring about positive changes within them.

Thus, these are a list of positive changes people feel when they respond to these charismatic leaders.


They show what true conviction is

Since the age of our nomadic ancestors, it has ingrained in human nature to find something we can stick to in a very unstable world. In fact, our brain gravitates itself towards certainty thanks to its neocortex mass. People change minds quickly, trends come and go, and the only thing has kept us grounded is a conviction. Conviction keeps us moving despite our paranoid and anxious feelings.

Leaders with conviction can stick to their beliefs, no matter the cost, and inspire people to do the same. The world is hard to control, therefore you can only control yourself and your actions.

This trait is especially important when it comes to business. At work, managers have to implement their actions with self-assurance despite working in an environment where there are little information and high unpredictability. Because they show they are fine with the instability, their subordinates start to believe it is alright as well. Their brains relax. They don’t let problems distract them anymore from their work anymore and they can focus their attention on performing well.


They feel motivated

They feel motivated

Employees don’t only find their motivation to work from events like public speaking seminar in the Philippines, or family. Their leaders also play a big role.

Charismatic leaders motivate their employees to work for a cause that is bigger than all of them is by, first of all, recognizing their achievements from time to time. Second, they take time out of their schedules to guiding subordinates in times of trouble and give them tips for improvement. Third, they do not look down at the goals of their employees, but rather give words of encouragement to push them further.


They look at life more positively

Whether we like or not, we all work best in a positive workplace. When the office environment is always stressful and if your co-workers are always negative, it is hard to feel encouraged doing something from 9 am to 5 pm for 5 days straight. Good employees will leave companies if their jobs have made them unhappy for too long.

People with charisma make good leaders because they understand that humans need joy in their life. When something induces positive feelings in us, we become more passionate about it since emotions will always play a big role in our life decisions. A positive team leader’s energy is so contagious that subordinates become encouraged to enter the office every day, attempt to have some fun at work, and most all, start to see that there is a deeper meaning in what they do.


They inspire others to do the right thing

They inspire others to do the right thing

People will only attend a public speaking seminar in the Philippines when they know the host actually has substance. They judge their substance based on the stories and news they hear from social media, newspapers, and their loved ones.
If the host is a speaker who talks about personal finance but turns out to be bankrupt in real life, then people will assume his teachings means nothing. He does not walk his talk. You should not believe in anything that person says, no matter how good they sound.

People don’t believe in charismatic leaders because of their words, but because they are role models who practice what they preach. Every person needs a role model who they can look up to so he or she wants to know what is right or wrong. Leaders understand, that ultimately, they will play a big role in the personal, moral, and emotional development of their employees.

A charismatic leader shows they are worth following when they are able to display integrity. Integrity refers to the moral character of a person, and this trait is tested every day because we live in a world that has a lot of immorality. Role models refuse to commit immoral actions. People see that she stands by her morals because the person refuses to do underhanded means in their everyday lives. Whenever they see that he or she is committed to doing the right thing, they also become inspired to do the same.


Key Takeaway

When people go to a public speaking training in the Philippines, the first thing they will notice is the host. The usual hosts of these events are usually charismatic leaders and for good reason.

They make people want to become better not only because they speak well, but because their words have substance which is life-changing. People will always respond well to charismatic leaders because they see true conviction, motivation, positivity, and righteousness in them.

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