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How Public Speaking Sharpens Your Leadership Skills


What are the essential factors that show how public speaking can enhance your leadership skills?

  1. Spreading passion
  2. Creating connections
  3. Unity behind a clear message
  4. Winning hearts and minds
  5. Communicating positive changes



Public speaking is one the world’s oldest and most treasured arts; it is arguably the most vital element of personality development here in the Philippines. The art of communicating in front of an audience is one of the key marks in leadership training. But how exactly does public speaking improve our leadership skills?

It is actually really simple: effective public speaking is deeply rooted in how you understand and work with other people—empathy and action. The ability to capture other people’s attention is a signifying element that shows how fit you are to lead and command.

Let’s explore the central points that illustrate how public speaking can significantly improve your leadership skills:



The ability to strike passion in others

Passion is one of the innate human fuels that drive us to make things happen. Being an effective public speaker means having the ability and capacity to ignite the sparks of passion in others. In order to be a good leader, you have to inhibit a knack for getting others fired up.

Public speaking involves executing the right mode of talking and the right body language that strikes motivation to stand up and work. Understanding and fueling what gets others to jump into action is one of the core competencies of being a true leader. Having a certain prowess for delivering speeches on a public platform is one of the most vital attributes that leaders need to be able to permeate.



Creating connections

Establishing new connections

Having excellent public speaking skills grants you the avenues to create more connections. Whether in the business world or any other industry, it is a fundamental fact that you need to know how to make fruitful and genuine connections.

The communication skills that you adopt from public speaking are not limited to interacting with large groups, they also heavily extend to how you develop relationships with individuals. Communicating with a large group of people is definitely different from talking to a single person. But there are many universalisms that transcend the dialectic. Simply put, mastering public speaking teaches you how to understand your fellow human, and how you can get closer together.



Creating unity with a clear and powerful message

Throughout history, the greatest of civilizations were built on a singular vision that has been ubiquitously shared by a large group of people. The greatest leaders have made historically significant speeches that have brought people together and shaped the future.

Public speaking teaches you to communicate a meaningful message to large crowds and audiences. Each member of any team has each of their own set of unique responsibilities. But the common ground is that each individual responsibility is accumulated for a larger cause. As a leader, it is your job to unify each and every one of your team members to work and exert maximum efforts for the greater cause.



Winning hearts and minds

Touching hearts and minds

Being a leader does not mean being a cold-hearted tyrant, it is actually the opposite. Being a good and efficient leader means having the deepest sense of empathy for each and every person. Public speaking sharpens your leadership skills because, in order to be a great public speaker, you need to know how to connect with a diverse and eclectic range of people all at once.

Being a phenomenal public speaker entails that you know how to engage with others on an intellectual platform and as well as on emotional grounds. Exercising efficient leadership means having a gift for reconciling the many conflicts and inherent contradictions that often time leave others perplexed and paralyzed.



Articulating the call for improvement and development

Leadership is all about change—not just any change, but implementing positive change. Public speaking means having the capacity to find the right words as to stating the importance of improvement and development.

Public speaking can give you a certain oratorical prowess that enables you to articulate even the most abstract ideas in such ways that even the most polarized and marginalized of people can find palpable. As a leader, you need to show your team that improvement and development are absolutely necessary.



Key Takeaway

Whether its leadership training or personality development here in the Philippines, it cannot be understated how much of an impact public speaking can have towards how you fulfill your role as a leader. Communication, love, and balance are all involved when touching the hearts and minds of your team.

Throughout the course of history, the most influential leaders have always had an intrinsic grasp of how to speak in front of large audiences, even entire countries. Communication, connection, and confidence are the most foundational character traits that are habitual for leaders. Having a deep sense of the art of speech delivery and public speaking can transform even the most reluctant of individuals to the most courageous of leaders.

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