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6 Powerful Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Employees This Holiday Season


What are some of the ways to show gratitude to employees?

  1. Don’t bother them during the holidays (limiting work-related emails and SMS)
  2. Send them snail mail greeting cards
  3. Treat them for coffee
  4. Catch them doing something right
  5. Hold a one-on-one coaching session
  6. Say “Thank You”


Before your clients, employees have been there with you to start with. They are the face of your company which makes them essential to the business’ success. It takes each member of a team to entirely elevate the business off the ground.

While you should regularly commend your employees for exceeding expectations and exerting their best efforts, there is no better time of year to brush up on employee appreciation best practices this holiday season. With that, here are some simple yet powerful ways to let your employees know they are appreciated and their work never goes unnoticed.


Limit work-related emails and messages

As a person in authority, whether you are a manager or a team leader, you must know how to show authentic interest in your employees. You can make an employee or team member feel appreciated by showing them they are more than just subordinates working for the company. One of which is to refrain from sending work-related messages during the holidays.

Showing your employees that you respect and value their vacation leaves is a great way to express your authentic gratitude. Understand they also have their own lives outside of work. With that, you must know which issues require immediate attention and those that can wait until after the holidays.


Send Over Snail Mail Greeting Cards

Hand Writing Mock Up Greeting Card For Merry Christmas And Happy

Once the employees book their vacation leaves, expect a slow response to your emails. With that, a great way to let them know you are constantly pleased and proud of their work is to send them snail mail greeting cards. While it is a traditional way to say thank you, it remains a heartfelt and thoughtful action.


Treat them for coffee

Townhall meetings are the most suitable venues to align the company’s goals with the teams or departments. Have meetings over coffee to encourage a relaxed atmosphere as you discuss important work-related matters as well as topics on a personal level.

Coffee meetings can be done any day towards the end of the week so that each employee can share their weekly accomplishments and receive their well-deserved recognition. One of the greatest forms of expressing gratitude is treating your employees out for a coffee. Quick coffee grabs during lunch or in between breaks can be the perfect time to have a casual conversation with your employees and get to know them better.


Catch your employees doing something right

Smiling Asian Young Businesswoman Bump Fists With Her Boss After

Too many employers are inclined to catch their employees making mistakes. While there is a good intention of improving productivity by reducing the mistakes, the manner discourages employees all the more. With that, you must find the balance between catching them making mistakes and catching them doing the right thing. As much as you take notice of their mistakes, commend them for a job well done as well.

Since it is the holiday season, a simple “thank you” greeting card or a desk toy that could serve as a potential source of amusement during a hectic workday are great gifts. The desk token does not have to be intentionally meaningful. For your employees, the fact that you thought of giving them gifts would already make them feel special and grateful.

Essential office supplies present a thoughtful gift. With this, you introduce to your employees that while they receive corrections for certain mistakes they make, their excellent work never goes unnoticed.


Hold a one-on-one coaching session

Break the ice between you and your employees through a one-on-one meeting. A crash course for personal development or a simple and quick exchange of stories are some great ways to get to know your employees more than what meets the eye. Instead of gathering the entire team for a learning opportunity, having a one-on-one meeting allows you to tailor-fit your approach. You also ensure that you are on the same page with each and every one of them. It also enables employees to feel more comfortable exchanging words with you.

On a final note, maintain a healthy relationship with your employees by remaining authoritative. There is a fine line between being cordial and friendly. Learn to exercise cordiality to prevent your employees from abusing your sincerity towards them.


Say “Thank You” Often

Businesspeople Smiling And Standing On In Their Office

More than tokens and certificates, a simple thank you is the simplest and easiest way to demonstrate your gratitude towards your employees. Expressing gratitude through words increases an employee’s self-efficacy, confidence, and social or self-worth.

They feel more valued which encourages them to be proactive and efficient in their job. An authentic and heartfelt thank you is a powerful way to acknowledge your employees’ efforts. It is a way of letting them know the company could not have progressed an inch towards accomplishing goals and success without their support.


Key Takeaway

Employers expressing their gratitude towards employees encourage a productive workforce. The beauty of appreciation is it doesn’t have to be in monetary form. Through small tokens, meaningful thank-yous and simple one-on-one meetings are powerful ways of showing gratitude this holiday season.

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