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Positive Effects of Customer Service Training on the BPO Industry


What are the positive effects of customer service training on the BPO industry?

  1. Higher employee motivation and engagement
  2. Improved customer service skills
  3. Increased customer satisfaction
  4. Rise in profit



Business Processing Outsourcing or BPO is one of the thriving industries in the Philippines.  Customer service training is provided for each of the employees and has proven to be an effective method in strengthening their individual skills. As call center agents engage with clients daily, it is necessary that they improve their capabilities to provide satisfactory customer service.

Companies are adopting these kinds of resources to further improve the assets of their organizations. In the Philippines, customer service training is adopted because of the key benefits that it delivers to the organization.  Together with leadership training, this also helps the employees prepare for positions which require them to step up and spearhead a team.

Get to know the positive effects of these types of training for the BPO industry, both for employees and the company as a whole by reading below:



Higher Employee Motivation and Engagement

Higher Employee Motivation and Engagement

Providing the necessary training about customer service will allow the employees to have a more concise understanding of how their role can have an impact on the organization. Customer service training also gives them the opportunity to learn how to build rapport with the customers that they speak with while maintaining a positive attitude.

A company that invests in this training displays a significant amount of attention towards the development and progress of the people, making employees more engaged in the company. It makes employees feel motivated towards going the extra mile to benefit the company. This, in turn, allows them to be more efficient and better equipped to deal with customers. Problem-solving and the ability to deal with pressure are also some of the things that are tackled on a training program.

This training can also be stepped up a notch by having the employees involved in the development of the training program through the use of feedback or training needs assessment. This way, you can also gauge if they are learning anything from training particularly in areas where they are prescribed to have developments in.



Improved Customer Service Skills

Not only does customer service training provide benefits for employees, it is also essential for the team and organizational development. With this type of training, the organization can focus on improving communication, listening, problem-solving and organizational skills which can also extend to the dynamics in the workplace not just for client relations.

Employees who are trained under this program will know how to build relationships, make good first impressions, maintain a positive and courteous attitude, and correctly determine what to do during different scenarios in their interactions with customers.

This can help in having a standard process for dealing with customers and it creates a sense of camaraderie among colleagues. Incorporate leadership training into their onboarding process as well because this will teach them skills on how to handle responsibility as well as the proper way to rally a team.

Through customer service training, employees are given the opportunity to improve their skills or acquire new ones. This will spell long-term effects not just on the work ethics of the employee but for the company as well.



Increased Customer Satisfaction

Increased Customer Satisfaction

The level of customer satisfaction all depends on the quality of the customer services. Customer retention and loyalty are achieved through authentic engagements with the employees and the training helps them in doing so. Customer service representatives can increase their ability to deal with difficult encounters and maintain their positive disposition as well.

They will be able to address the issue head-on which will greatly increase customer satisfaction. Customers would want to have an instant solution but in times when this is impossible, a representative can resolve this in a calm manner with regard to the urgency it presents and this can be achieved through customer service training.

The improved skill of the employee in handling conversations will make the customer feel like they are having a personal engagement and this will lead to a feeling of appreciation and respect. This will contribute greatly to the company’s success because customers will keep patronizing the brand if they have had good experiences with its employees.



Rise in Profit

A well-executed customer service training will be a huge step towards the generation of profit for the company. This is because favorable customer service will translate to customer retention, client acquisition, less employee turnover rates, and an increase in sales. When the employee receives a great deal of motivation and morale from the training, this will ultimately lead to increased productivity which will highlight the best asset of the company.

Customer service training equates to a high level of performance from the employees, which will be a great source of profit for the company. Aside from this, it is also a great opportunity for the employees to bank on their newly equipped skills since they can be injected into real-life situations as well.



Key Takeaway

Customer service training provides more positive effects than the ones mentioned above and the only way to reap those benefits is to try them for yourself. Consider Inspire Leadership Consultancy, with its roster of experienced speakers and trainers, to help you towards achieving your goals.

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