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How Multi-Faceted Selling Works


How does multi-faceted selling work?

  1. Multi-Faceted Selling as A Marketing Strategy
    1. Test Price to Choose the Best One
    2. Target The Right Market
  2. Multi-Faceted Selling to Make Adaptable Leaders
    1. Providing Hiring Companies with The Right Information
    2. Selling an Idea to Your Boss That Encapsulates the Company Values

Multi-Faceted Selling is a marketing strategy that makes use of multiple mediums to effectively sell products to the right target market. Different marketing strategies are enacted to find the best strategy while eliminating those that don’t.

In terms of developing leaders, multi-faceted selling can be done through Six Sigma Training in the Philippines. Through the multi-faceted DMAIC methodology, employees can formulate ideas that can eliminate inefficient processes in the company. Multi-faceted DMADV methodology, however, can help create new processes that can make for a more eye-catching resume and portfolio for a potential candidate.

Read on to learn about how multi-faceted selling works.

Multi-Faceted Selling as A Marketing Strategy

Multi Faceted Selling As A Marketing Strategy

To become a more successful business, you cannot just rely on advertising and promotions. There are other aspects of your business that you should optimize to attract and maintain the right target market. This is where multi-faceted selling comes in.

Multi-faceted selling allows you to identify the most ideal strategies for you through the process of trial & error. You can easily see what works and what doesn’t work for your company by trying out multiple mediums. You may opt to do this before you start promoting your business or before launching a new product – This is ideal as you would already be able to iron out the creases in your strategies before the company even hits the market.

One area of your business where you can maximize multi-faceted selling in is the pricing of your products.

Test Price to Choose the Best One

First and foremost, you will have to plan your prices well for you to reach your ideal gross profits. A strategy you can explore is to increase your product’s quality in terms of allocating more resources in its packaging to project higher value. Another strategy which goes the opposite direction showcases your product as a low-cost option to boost the volume of your sales.

You will also have to take into consideration the pricing of your competition. Are they pricing higher or lower than you? Does the target market prefer to buy their products? If so, why? These are some of the questions that can greatly help in your price analysis.

Lastly, another factor that you have to take into consideration in your business is the quest to find the right target market.

Target The Right Market

Multi-faceted selling does not exactly mean that you should market to a specific variety of people. You should try out different markets before finding the ideal one for you. To start targeting potential markets, think of the product or service your company specializes in. Who will benefit the most from it? These are the people you should be targeting.

Choose specific consumer groups (i.e. families, young professionals, senior citizens) and further specify your market by targeting specific people within the chosen category. In order to widen your reach to these consumers, try to utilize multiple distribution channels.

Now that you understand what multi-faceted selling is all about, you can now learn to apply it to your leadership efforts.

Multi-Faceted Selling to Make Adaptable Leaders

Multi Faceted Selling To Make Adaptable Leaders

Similar to how businesses sell products, the process of making capable leaders is not just done through one strategy. Each business, which its own culture, needs to adopt new ideologies and methods in order to provide the most efficient leadership training. Six Sigma Training is able to do this through its multiple sessions and types of classes that can help employees in multiple aspects of their work lives.

Providing Hiring Companies with The Right Information

In order to sell yourself and be hired by companies, you must learn how to adapt your personality into their different values. An adaptable, aspiring employee should be able to adapt to better fit the company’s qualifications as this could be the start of your journey in becoming an adaptable leader – Six Sigma Training’s DMADV(Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify) method, a method that creates new products, processes, and services, can greatly help with this.

In order to create a version of yourself that can fit into what the company is looking for, you can utilize the DMADV method. Define what is wrong with your style, measure your process, analyze where your method goes wrong, design a new and improved style, and verify it through your next interview.

You can even use this methodology after you have been hired.

Selling an Idea to Your Boss That Encapsulates the Company Values

Have you come up with an idea while observing any inefficiencies in the systems of your company? Well, in order to sell this idea to your boss, it must fit the company values. Once you have found the appropriate solution, you would need to build on that idea and show how this can benefit the company; Six Sigma Training has the DMAIC methodology to help you out. If done correctly, you might just solidify yourself as a candidate to be a future leader.

In order to find the best solution for your company, you will first have to define the problem. You will then have to measure your existing practices in order to analyze and find the root of the problem, at which point you can start thinking of solutions to improve the situation. After bringing it up to your bosses, they can better control the maintenance of the changes.

Now that you know how multi-faceted selling works in terms of leadership training, hopefully, you can apply it to your own company’s processes.

Key Takeaway

Multi-Faceted Selling and leadership through Six Sigma Training in the Philippines have a lot in common. Both thoroughly look for inefficient processes that can be removed or improved upon. The two aim to use different mediums and strategies in order to execute the goals of their business. They both try to introduce new processes that encapsulate the values of their companies. And finally, both go through all of these in order to further the success of their respective companies.

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