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Leadership Training in the Philippines: The 4 Ds You Need for Success


What are the 4 Ds you need for success?

  1. Direction
  2. Decision
  3. Determination
  4. Discipline


In the Philippines, leadership training is becoming more and more important for any student, employee, or aspiring entrepreneur. A good leader should be driven by their goals. They should have the drive to succeed while staying dedicated to their philosophy and team.

A leader is dexterous, utilizing the necessary skills to excel and cunning when it comes to solving problems. Leaders are direct when tackling a new task. Overall, a leader is an influential and critical ingredient to any good team. According to Olympic weightlifter and 2016 silver medalist Hidilyn Diaz, every successful leader should have these traits in order to elevate the team to new heights:




Having direction is not always the endgame. However, it is usually the most important part, which is the beginning. A solid starting point can lead to a smoother transition to the desired outcome. Being direct is the exact opposite of beating around the bush. It also determines if a leader is straightforward. Direction shouldn’t be mistaken for being rude or cold. The world is a better place when truth and transparency are in the frontlines.

A good leader has a good sense of direction. A leader with no direction will ultimately sink the ship which the team is on. It’s the job of the leader to always anticipate solutions to problems and minor road bumps. Good leaders are good listeners that respond to the team’s feedback and needs. Leaders with good direction also drive the team to a better future where no one is left behind. Leaders are not dictators. They do not blindly lead their team into a cavern, ultimately affecting everyone. Leaders do not unjustly flex their power for no good reason. A leader is meant to be fair, to be a beacon of hope and dedication to the team.



Decision-making is a difficult process faced by each person. The mystery of the unknown can cause impulsive thoughts and worrisome, unstable choices that can negatively affect a project or team.

Leaders make decisions every moment. They are knowledgeable about the best course of action. Sometimes, difficult choices are made. But most of the time, it’s for the greater good. For leaders to be effective, they should be ready to make smart decisions that ensure success. A leader is not fickle-minded; they stick to their choice up until the last minute. Making strategic and concrete decisions is key to success.




A successful racer or runner is determined to get to the finish line. They train for long hours just to be at the top. They take care of their bodies and minds by consistently working towards the end goal.

Leaders are determined and persevere. It is their desire to get the job done. Determination works hand in hand with direction. If a leader is not determined, they have no direction. Determination helps a leader find their purpose. The best leaders are determined to foster innovative ideas that improve the overall quality of work. The determination of a leader is an optimistic outlook that maintains focus on goals. Determination brings a results-oriented leader and prevents the team from being deterred by negativity.



Discipline is the glue that binds the team together. As a leader, it’s best to show proper discipline and respect for work. Leaders who practice proper discipline can significantly increase the morale of the team. Personal discipline also coincides with one’s personal beliefs. Self-discipline allows a person to avoid acting on impulse. It also helps keep the focus on projects even if the spark of creativity is gone. Discipline helps a leader and the team learn the value of time. It ultimately makes everyone alert and well-aware of time that is used and wasted.


Key Takeaway

In the Philippines, leadership training is more important now compared to before. The new age of technology and communication is a challenge for many aspiring leaders. It’s best to constantly learn and apply new approaches to organizational leadership.

New generations are flooding out of schools to new workplaces, offering leadership techniques that management should adapt to. Good leadership is determined by the direction taken by the person. A good directive brings the team to new horizons. Others are more likely to be inspired by someone who shows a good example to others.

Successful leaders are good decision makers. The choices taken are well thought out and final. Leaders don’t backtrack or take back important decisions. Hard choices made are beneficial for the team and not just the person leading. These leaders have the desire to get the job done with no short cuts. They’re also disciplined, focused, and value time.  A good balance of the 4 Ds will surely bring success to anyone who has the drive to be a better person.

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