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Leadership Speaker Philippines: How Relationships Impact Your Confidence


How do healthy relationships impact our confidence?

  1. It reminds us of our strengths
  2. It motivates us to do better
  3. It teaches us how to love ourselves
  4. It reduces stress


We live in a society where constant change surrounds us. If we were to have any chances in overcoming, let alone adjusting to the adversities that these changes would bring, our relationships will be playing a big part.

Although we are social by nature, developing our confidence is not a one-man affair – it is heavily influenced by the people who gravitate around us. One of the teachings of effective leadership training in the Philippines focuses on the importance of how our performance is influenced by the people who we surround ourselves with.

It is essential that we stick with the right people and maintain healthy relationships. Relationships can positively affect our psyche. Surrounding ourselves with the right people can perk up our mood, give us a boost in confidence, and even relieve some stress. Thus, it is essential to know how relationships can impact our self-confidence in a positive matter and vice versa.


It reminds us of our strengths

We all have moments where we don’t perform to the expectations of our superiors and sometimes end up blaming ourselves and undermining our confidence through constant self-criticism. If this happens, it helps to approach those who remind ourselves of the positives in life.

Doing this helps us in two ways: First is that it reminds us of our achievements. Those close to us, may it be a co-worker or a family member, are able to remind us that we have succeeded out of our own abilities.  Second is receiving honest criticism. Knowing that it’s coming from someone who wants the best for us, hearing the honest truths could help pinpoint the areas that we have to give more focus on.


It motivates us to do better

It motivates us to do better

Recent trends show how public speaking seminars in the Philippines has been gaining a lot of traction. Some say it’s because people gravitate towards individuals who motivate them to do better by being good role models to others.

This is also applicable to relationships. When we develop close connections with responsible, credible people, we gain the inspiration to better ourselves to be just as great as them and be less tempted to stray away from what we feel is the wrong path. We are given the chance we may ask them for advice and gain knowledge but also a sense of emotional support.


It teaches us how to love ourselves

Leadership training in the Philippines constantly reminds us how there are no perfect leaders, only those who don’t give up on themselves and power through when the going gets tough. They possess similar characteristics found in high-ranking officers – self-love and confidence.

Self-love is not just a feeling, but rather a commitment. When we acknowledge who we are and accept what we are and aren’t capable of, our weaknesses won’t get in the way of us accomplishing great things. We must also carry out concrete actions that make will make us improve not just with ourselves, but with our relationship with others. These actions include having enough hours of sleep, exercising, and having the right diet.


It helps reduce stress

It helps reduce stress

One of the biggest adversaries of self-confidence is burnout. According to public speaking seminars in the Philippines, burnout is the physical and emotional exhaustion caused by chronic stress. It can be seen as the point where a person would give up on what they have worked so hard for, it is as if the fire within them finally disappeared. They start to see themselves as ineffective. Because of these symptoms, it is easy to see why people who are burnt out have low self-esteem.

Unfortunately, it has become an everyday practice in the workplace for people to feel chronically pressured by everyone’s demand and as employees, we all have our own limits. Once reached, we will experience burnout and collapse from the stress. We may even give up on all our responsibilities altogether.

When we realize that people are willing to hear our inner grievances, we usually feel lighter and our burdens don’t seem as overwhelming. It’s important to have people who will lift us up when we’re at a slump. Relationships help those who are reaching their boiling point to complete exhaustion.


Key takeaway

Our self-confidence is not solely dependent on our own will, but also on the relationships we choose to maintain. Having relationships or having people who we care about is never a sign of weakness. When we surround ourselves with the right people, we have the foundation set for us to become our best selves as they motivate us to improve, remind us we are enough and that we deserve to be loved.

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