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9 Ways to Improve Your Business Through Six Sigma Training


What can Six Sigma Training do to fine tune your business operations?

  1. It improves existing processes
  2. It identifies the weakest links
  3. It instigates risk management methodologies
  4. It achieves better overall satisfaction
  5. It introduces new protocols
  6. It provides the tools to be a business pioneer
  7. It ensures efficient solutions
  8. It offers better strategic planning in all fields


Six Sigma Training in the Philippines prides itself with its ability to maximize your business in terms of efficiency, employee motivation, and customer satisfaction. There are two main methodologies you can use to improve your business: one improves your current processes (DMAIC) and one helps you develop new processes (DMADV). Here is a list of specific ways your business will improve through the Six Sigma Training process.


It Improves Existing Processes

Through the DMAIC methodology which means to Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control, Lean Six Sigma aims to help companies achieve operational excellence. In this article, we will focus on the step-by-step procedure that will help you spot the problems in your existing processes. These problems are defined as those that hinder the efficiency of your business.


It Identifies the Weakest Links

It Identifies The Weakest Links

The first step in the DMAIC method helps you find and define the problematic areas in your business. Your weakest links could be caused by inefficiency in everyday work life, an unproductive process, or unsuccessful business practice. This requires you to be diligent in the investigation of your company, as well as of the people in it. Developing this mindset can help you easily spot future problem areas that can be mediated before the situation worsens.


It Instigates Risk Management Methodologies

The process of developing a solution to a problem can prove to be difficult at times. Through Six Sigma Training, you will be able to brainstorm the timely solutions for your given situation. Its process provides you with factual data that can give you an accurate overview of your entire business. This will help you sort out problems and create specific solutions for each of them. When conceptualizing a solution, focus on completely eradicating or significantly reducing the problem.


It Achieves Better Overall Satisfaction

It Achieves Better Overall Satisfaction

Solving and preventing issues within your business can result in an increase in customer satisfaction and employee motivation making your business the better option for them. Integrating a process where you engage with them helps them refine their skills and better their motivation to stay in your company.

A more efficient system can also net you a higher customer satisfaction rating. This is due to the fact that fostering more productive employees directly correlates to more exceptional output. An increase in customer satisfaction ensures that the products and services you provide are top of the line and free from any complications.


It Introduces New Protocols

If you notice that your current processes are not ideal to help you achieve operational excellence, then it may be time to change them. The DMADV methodology can help you shape new processes and create new products that are up to Six Sigma standards. DMADV stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, and Verify.


It Provides the Tools to Be A Business Pioneer

It Provides The Tools To Be A Business Pioneer

This methodology encourages your business to explore and conceptualize what your industry needs but does not yet have. This, in turn, gives you the tools for your company to be the pioneer of a new product, process, or service that could greatly help your customers, only then can you start the process of its creation.


It Ensures Efficient Solutions

The DMADV method includes simulations to help test your new processes or products before introducing it to the public. This can include manual testing on a smaller batch in order to observe it for any possible defects. These tests will ensure that you only release the best version of your new process or product to your customers, which can improve your image to one of a professional and trustworthy company.


It Offers Better Strategic Planning In All Fields

Six Sigma Training helps you improve the way you plan and execute different factors of your business. You get to develop a number of practices that will help you spot a problem and fix it before it can make a negative impact on your company. This is key to maintaining a good image to your customers.


Sample Business ImprovementsSample Business Improvements

  • Product Manufacturing

Learning the Six Sigma style can help you observe any anomalies in the manufacturing of certain products before it gets released to the public. The multiple tests included in the DMAIC and DMADV processes ensure that the products you release are the best that your company can produce.


  • Employee Management

The decrease in the efficiency of your business could be due to the mismanagement of your employees. Be more observant in practices that may discourage your employees in their everyday work. Try experimenting with different ways to increase motivation in the workplace.


  • Customer Engagement

If you are certain that your products and employees are top-quality but your business is still not doing well, then there could be an issue in the way you engage your customers. Review each of the processes your business uses to connect with them and observe the point when customers decide to break off contact. These will be the areas that you need to improve on.


Key Takeaway

Six Sigma Training in the Philippines can help you create a better business plan for your future endeavors by making you be more aware of your practices and further improving the capabilities of your business. It maximizes your resources to reap more results from a more efficient system, several motivated future leaders, and a loyal customer base.

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