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The Importance of Having Executive Presence


What can an individual’s executive presence bring to any project or organization?

  1. Better results
  2. Better relations
  3. Better communication



Have you ever been in a meeting or worked on a group project where everything went extremely well? It was most likely the case that things went towards that direction because of how well you and the other members gelled with each other.

What is ‘executive presence’? Is it a certain kind of behavior? Is it an overpowering demeanor? Executive presence is something more abstract; it is a state of being in relation to others. It is leadership and interaction. The end goal of public speaking training in the Philippines is to instill the qualities of executive presence in each individual that goes through the course.

Executive presence is not just for CEOs and people in high business positions; executive presence is action and leadership that cannot be learned through mimicking shallow behavior patterns. It is something that is cultivated and developed by overcoming challenges and obstacles –finding a way to get things done and achieve.

Executive presence is not getting people to fear you, but rather, to respect and feel a strong sense of active motivation because of you. Having an authentic executive presence is something that is incredibly rare because it requires one to step up and climb the difficult ladders of leadership development.

Elaborated below are the main factors that how executive presence can have a significant impact on any operation:



Efficient and High-Quality Results

Executive presence enables others to exert all their efforts into a cumulative goal. The success of any group endeavor is the blend of each and every one of the member’s individual passions. The person rightfully playing the lead role of any group exercises his or her executive presence when he or she works in a way that is contagious towards the other members.

Leadership is the ability to make others feel care and importance for a goal or output. A person with executive presence has the capacity to make others find a deep sense of meaning in his or her specific role on a project. The strength and will to exceed expectations is one of the root measures of whether one has the spirit to grow into having and permeating executive presence.

Being a leader means having the courage and fortitude that others look up to you. People with executive presence look up to role models while at the same time, serve as a role model to others as well.



Better Relations

Smoother and Improved Relations

Achieving goals and excelling when it comes to producing output is one thing, but making room for the professional and personal growth of each individual working in an organization is another dimension. Exuding an authentic sense of executive presence is the oil that greases inter-relational matters of any group effort. The cultivation of trust is the key factor that moves a company forward.

A leader is an individual that has a direct influence on how one works with another. Leadership is all about understanding that the most minute cog of an operation is just as important as the roles played by the higher-ups. A person with executive presence serves as a mentor for a diverse range of jobs –he or she has a deep sense of how long-term movement is dependent on each task, no matter how small.

There is no room for selfish individualism for a group that wants to succeed. Executive presence is taking the tenacious strains of individualism and having the wisdom to synthesize it into co-working improvement.



Clear and Effective Communication

Productivity is built on honesty. Communication is much more than simply relaying information. It is imperative that members of a company feel the freedom and openness to share his or her own honest feedback with each other. A successful leader with executive presence is able to give off the impression that communication is one of the most vital aspects of the group as well as one’s own personal interest.

Whatever the agenda may be, if there is no clarity when it comes to communication, substantial progress will always be impaired. Executive presence is the mastery of both intimate and public speaking. Leadership is reflected in the ability to confidently deliver presentations to large audiences, while at the same time, having the knack to tone it down and have heart-to-heart conversations.

An individual that is able to embody a grand vision and spread it across to others is the driving force of accumulative progress.



Key Takeaway

Public speaking training in the Philippines is a great place to start when trying to understand and truly embody the core elements of executive presence because it leads one towards directions of effective communication.

Leadership development is an invaluable asset to wherever you find yourself in life. Executive presence can be exercised and developed by each person that has the ferocity to work for causes bigger than his or herself.

Lead people with a dedication like no other. Transform lives. Reach your maximum potential.

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