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4 Things Great Leaders Have in Common


What do great leaders have in common?

  1. They prioritize and inspire trust
  2. They are great role models
  3. They perform beyond expectations
  4. They really care for their people



It is completely possible for all great leaders to have had attended some kind of leadership training in the Philippines, US, Europe, and other parts of the world at least once in their life. However, it’s doubtful that these leadership training events are what made them great. They may have helped them get to where they are today, but they’re unlikely to be the only reason why they are considered to be amazing leaders even among their peers.

If you’re aiming to hold a leadership role in your work, school, or community, chances are high that you want to be included in this elite group where the great gather, and you’re willing to read as many books and attend as many seminars as you can to fulfill that dream. Doing so should get you closer to your goal, but the thing you need to take that final step may not be found in between pages or talks. Instead, it’s something you can find through careful observation.

Great leaders possess certain skills, traits, qualities, and habits that are common among all of them. Of course, they also have qualities that make them stand out but their commonalities are of great importance to aspiring leaders. In case you don’t have the time to analyze and study great leaders of past and present, we have written this article listing the things that great leaders have in common!



They Prioritize and Inspire Trust

A great leader always prioritizes building trust between them and the people they are assigned to lead. For them, trust is the single most important thing to have between members in order to bring out the highest possible performance from each person.

People are much more likely to exceed expectations within a high-trust environment because they have each other’s backs, are working towards a shared vision, and are aligned to produce the best results. Without trust, skills and talents are put to waste as each individual works solely for their own sake while thinking that every other person is out to get them.



They Are Great Role Models

They Are Great Role Models

Some leaders lead through words and text, but the best ones lead through action. Speech isn’t as powerful as most people think, especially when used alone. A person could preach all they want but they won’t foster commitment from their people through words alone.

It is only through actions that they can really become effective and great leaders who people willingly follow. In order to do this, they must set an example and act as role models for their team. They are required to consistently demonstrate and express their dedication and commitment to their beliefs through positive actions. Only after they’ve done so can they draw out the true power of speech and words.

The ultimate key to lead as a good role model is to harness what it means to be a person of influence. Inspiration and influence go together hand-in-hand when it comes to developing projects and moving your team forward.



They Perform Beyond Expectations

It should go without saying that great leaders are individuals who get things done and accomplish everything they set out to do and more. They do their work diligently and almost to perfection because they know that it’s necessary to topple real-world competition.

Even when life knocks them down, they simply get back up and continue to lead their people without complaints. Obstacles – whether personal or work-related – are nothing to them and their progress is never halted nor affected by such things. Least to say that they lay everything on the line to turn their ideas into reality and exceed all expectations people have on them.



They Really Care for Their People

They Really Care for Their People

A leader is nothing if without for his or her people, and great leaders are aware of this fact. So they put great effort in knowing, understanding, and caring for their team. At its very core, caring means knowing people’s strengths and weaknesses and thinking of ways to further improve one and eliminate the other.

However, great leaders go beyond that and actively observe their people and are always ready to offer help whenever needed. This is most important in times of difficulty where a person’s skill may not match whatever challenge they are faced with. During these moments, great leaders emerge by guiding people through these challenges so they come out of it as stronger and better individuals.



Key Takeaway

If you attended leadership training in the Philippines, US, and other parts of the world, you may have noticed that not everyone has the same description of a great leader. Although, if you compare all their descriptions and place them side-by-side you’re sure to point out some similarities. These are the things you need to focus on and instill in yourself to truly reach your goal of being a great leader!

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