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Why Employees Should Invest in Public Speaking Training in the Philippines


Why should employees invest in public speaking training in the Philippines?

  1. It becomes easy to adjust to different people
  2. Audience attention will come easy
  3. You will exude authority


Employees, especially fresh graduates, struggle with presenting themselves properly to co-workers and higher-ups in the office. According to public speaking training in the Philippines, the way you present yourself is dependent on two aspects: communication and body language.

First, you need to communicate your thoughts to everyone in an articulate way. Second, you physically need to look confident while you are verbally expressing yourself. This means standing straight with shoulders down, leaning forward, making eye contact and not nervously fidgeting with your hands.

If you are unable to do this whenever you initiate casual conversations or present a report professionally in the office, it might be time for you to take some public speaking lessons. If you still see training as a waste of time, these are the reasons why you should invest in a few sessions:


It becomes easy to adjust to different people

It becomes easy to adjust to different people

Social experts have the necessary people skills and charisma to get along with humans from different walks of life despite the differences between them. They are the individuals who get voted into high positions such as the presidency. This is basically because they know how to make colleagues and peers respect who they are.

In the workplace, you have no choice but to deal with different types of personalities, and a lot of them will be difficult to get along with. They are the types to bully co-workers, ruin office morale, etc. While it is easy to treat them badly, it is still your job to maintain good relations with them because it is necessary for getting work done.

Therefore, you need to learn how to adjust. This means communicating with them in a peaceful manner and treating them fairly, which public speaking trainers are experts of. Trainers make employees respect them by:

  • Knowing when to let go of things before they escalate
  • Finding out their workstyles
    • Do they like peace and quiet while they work?
    • Is it ideal to ask them questions during office hours or office breaks?
  • Observing important patterns in their personalities
    • Different patterns refer to what tends to make them happy, angry, etc.


Audience attention will come easy

Every aspect of a business entity has an audience to present to. For example, people under the sales team regularly present their selling pitch to a customer and big clients. With their pitch, they hope to convince them enough to buy the product or service that they are selling. If they don’t get convinced after the presentation is over, then these employees have failed to do their job.

A big reason why people don’t get persuaded by their words is that they weren’t paying attention in the first place. If you did get their attention, it may have disappeared after a short while.

If you want to get better at making your audience notice you until the end of your presentation, just look to the knowledge and wisdom of teachers that offer public speaking training in the Philippines or leadership development sessions for clues. They make people listen by:

  • Not mindlessly chattering about unrelated things for the 1st minute
    • People will only listen to what you say for 20 seconds.
    • After the 20 second mark, they will then decide if you are still worth listening to.
  • Listen well to the opinions and thoughts of their audience
    • If you want people to listen to you, show them you also know how to listen.
    • Speakers are careful to inject themselves at the right time.
  • Looking at people in the eye
  • Acknowledge mistakes to their listeners, and then move on
  • Removing distractions that will compete with them in getting your attention
    • They don’t depend on flashy videos or PowerPoints to carry their presentations.


You will exude authority

You will exude authority

People will always respond well to co-workers who exude authority. Authority is needed if you want people to listen to you and respect your ideas. You need it if you want to make changes in the office.

Public speaking seminars will always cover the subject matter of authority, especially if the material revolves around leadership development. They understand that the audience consists of people who want to be held in high regard by important co-workers in their respective fields.

When they discuss the subject matter, they prefer to give helpful tips that everyone can follow in real life. Tips they share include:

  • Responding confidently to questions you are not sure about
  • Prioritize being respected for efficiency, instead of being liked
    • There will be times when you need to assert your position to people who don’t listen.
    • You need to be prepared to make decisions not everyone will like.
  • Speak in an assured tone
  • Reduce your defensiveness whenever your credibility gets questioned
  • Not giving up on important conversations because of awkwardness


Key Takeaway

Many employees have trouble presenting themselves properly in the workplace due to executing the wrong speech and body language. When you are not good at self-presentation, you can have a hard time adjusting to different people, grabbing the attention of your listeners, and making people respect you. With public speaking training, you can gain more perspective on these problems and step up the ladder of making consistent improvements.

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