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Dr. Victoria Lualhati, Recognized as The Most Influential Filipina Woman in The World at the Global FWN100™ Awards Ceremony


On the 28th of October to the 2nd of November 2019, the 16th Filipina Leadership Global Summit transpired in Paris, France to honor the Filipina women influencing the face of leadership in the global workplace. Amongst the women awarded with the prestigious Most Influential Filipina Woman in the World was President and CEO of Beyond Medical Hub and Trainer of Inspire Leadership Consultancy, Inc. Dr. Ma. Victoria T. Lualhati.


The 16th Filipina Leadership Global Summit


The main purpose of the Global FWN100™ is for a Filipina woman leader from every sector of the global economy to re-invent themselves by femtoring (female mentoring) Filipina women and encourage her to be part of the Filipina Summit in The Westin Paris – Vendôme, France.

Already in its 16th year, the annual Filipina Leadership Global Summit has brought together the top and most influential Filipina women business owners and professionals from around the globe. The Gala Awards Ceremony took place during the summit for the purpose of recognizing and honoring the efforts of Filipina leaders to empower women leaders to push boundaries.


The Most Influential Filipina Woman in The World

Dr. Ma. Victoria T. Lualhati became a valued partner in helping FWN develop the Filipina community’s pipeline of qualified leaders. Moreover, to increase the odds of young Filipina women rising above, breaking boundaries, and being proactive in all sectors of the global economy. She has reached a commendable status for outstanding work in her respective field and was recognized for her leadership, achievement, and contributions to society.

She was honored in the BUILDER award category, for having demonstrated an exceptional organizational impact in a large workplace environment. She displayed a deep passion for a cause through building alliances with institutions, corporations, and nonprofit organizations on behalf of her own company. Builders are described to have demonstrated high potential and skill with measurable results at entities like government agencies, higher education institutions, nonprofits and corporations in the public and private sectors.

For her speech, Dr. Ma. Victoria T. Lualhati shared her overflowing gratitude for having been blessed with opportunities and mentors who gave much without conditions. More importantly, for earning the respect and value for her talents and contributions. In her own words, “I thank FWN for bringing the Filipina women of the world together to plan the future for our community and next-generation leaders.”


Pursuing Advocacy to Help People Through Inspire Leadership Consultancy

Currently the President and CEO of Citicore Candlewick Foundation, Inc. and Chief Corporate Communication Officer of Citicore Power Inc. as well as owner and CEO of Beyond – The Medical Hub and finally, an independent Director of Inspire Leadership Consultancy, Dr. Ma. Victoria T. Lualhati is the true leader and epitome of an empowered woman.

Through Inspire Leadership Consultancy, Inc., she found her niche in being an inspirational speaker and management consultant in Human Resource Management. She continues to pursue advocacy to help people, having been granted the opportunity to femtor a young Filipina.

Lead people with a dedication like no other. Transform lives. Reach your maximum potential.

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