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4 Customer Service Training Philippines Ideas and Activities


What are the 4 customer service training ideas and activities you can do with your team?

  1. Improvisation games
  2. Customer role play
  3. Name games
  4. Psych Me Up



Customer service training for Philippine companies will be a great help in molding ideal customer service representatives. With the activities that encompass the goal of enhancing the qualities of those who work in customer service, members of the team will learn to be engaged with the whole training program.

This would be a great opportunity to improve the skill set that is relevant to a resourceful training like leadership, empathy, patience, flexibility, approachable demeanor, as well as communication, listening and persuasion skills. It would be far more efficient to hire those who are prepared to be trained and learn a lot of information along the way instead of those who believe that they already possess these skills.

Developing these skills takes a lot of work and thankfully, there are customer service and leadership trainings in the Philippines to help customer service reps in performing for your industry. Take a look at some of the effective activities that they can do in their training and how this will help their work efficiency in a significant matter:



Improvisation Games

Improvisation Games

Companies like Google, Pepsi, and McKinsey send their employees to improvisation classes because they prepare them for the unexpected. Improvised performance activities are based on certain principles that can be used in customer training.

This is a great activity in training because improvising requires you to listen carefully and contribute freely which are crucial skills in a customer service environment. It helps enhance the skills of the employees in adaptability and personal relations.

Improvisation games would be a fun way to establish communication and connection among colleagues which will later translate to a renewed sense of confidence in dealing with clients and trying to relate to them. This will be a perfect group activity that can be a source of a great learning experience and the fun of it all will improve employee performance, reduce anxiety and boost morale.



Customer Role Play

This exercise would be a great practice for customer service. Start with dividing your team in couples, with Group A playing the customers and Group B playing the customer service representatives.

The people in Group A will act like angry customers. They would either pick a certain complaint, or they can think of one themselves. The catch here would be to make the complaints as ridiculous as possible all while they are aiming for a certain goal, to get a refund or speak to the supervisor for example.

Meanwhile, the members of Group B must resolve the situation in the best way possible because their goal is to calm down the customer and minimize the damage that will stem from the situation. They have to think of alternative solutions to what the customer is asking for if this would not be possible to deliver.

Participants of this game should build on what their partners say or do and after the game, the rest of the group can give feedback on the usefulness of the activity and the other possible ways that they could have done in that situation. This would be a great way to enhance communication skills and empathy of the employees which will come in handy when they come across the same type of customer on the job.



Name Games

Name Games

Remembering names would be a powerful skill for customer service representatives because this would help give customer experience a personalized touch. Customers would want to be called by their name because there are cases when “ma’am” or “sir” become too impersonal.

According to the Dale Carnegie Training Institute, their method for memorizing names is impression, repetition, and association. Incorporating these practices in your training will help the members of your team to take a personal approach in communicating with clients which will make a pleasant customer service encounter.



Psych Me Up

Having a positive mindset is an important element of any customer service experience. This would be challenging to maintain because as service reps know, communicating with an irate customer can take a toll on you.

Psych Me Up is a mobile app that focuses on emotional reflex and it can help in stress reduction as well. It is a great tool to improve self-confidence, performance, and productivity.

The Psych Me Up game will be a useful tool in promoting a positive frame of mind and an enhanced ability to cope with stress and anxiety. This would be a good idea for attention training during customer service exercises.



Key Takeaway

Going about customer service training in a fun and productive way is a surefire method to enhance the skills of the employees as well as build a collaborative environment. These powerful and creative activities encourage communication, listening, and persuasion skills which will be the best tools that customer service representatives can possess.

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