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4 Characteristics of a Successful Leadership Training Program in the Philippines


What are the characteristics of a successful leadership training program in the Philippines?

  1. Comprised of a small, focused, and supportive group
  2. Led by experienced mentors and leaders
  3. Establishes clear and achievable goals for attendees
  4. Uses multiple teaching and learning methods



One of the best ways companies can get the leaders they need in their top ranks is to send them off to leadership training in the Philippines, or conduct their own. There are many organizations that exist solely for creating and hosting leadership training programs that employees can easily attend. Some companies do the training in-house and write up their own program that will yield the best results for their employees. Both are great ways to awaken the leadership potential of people and should be utilized by companies.

For those who do it in-house, it’s possible that they aren’t as experienced with leadership training and creating programs compared to companies that were established specifically for this purpose. Lack of knowledge about the task is detrimental and leads to wasted efforts and resources for both the company and its employees, which is why it’s important to study up on the matter.

Creating a leadership training program is no easy feat, and the hardest part is making sure that the programs succeed in creating leaders. You might think that there is no proper set of criteria for a successful and effective leadership training program, but there actually is one. There are specific characteristics that are common for all successful leadership training programs and we have them listed below!



Comprised of a Small, Focused, and Supportive Group

The size of your group is very crucial to the success of your leadership training program. Keeping groups small makes the process more effective because facilitators aren’t spread too thin and can focus on attendees individually. It also allows participants to easily and comfortably connect with and gain support from each other.

During your first few programs, try to limit the attendees to around 10 people per session and let it grow naturally over time. Once you’re used to it, allow as many as 20 attendees but no more than that. Adding more will only tire your facilitators and make your company, employees, and program suffer.



Led by experienced mentors and leaders

Led by Experienced Mentors and Leaders

At the core of a successful leadership training program is a group of strong and effective leaders who have years of experience under their belt. It’s impossible to make your leadership training program a success if the people instructing and facilitating the attendees don’t have what it takes to lead others.

You should also keep in mind that leading is a very different skill from managing, so just because someone is in a top managerial position doesn’t mean that he/she can effectively groom people into leaders. Instead, turn to people who have a proven track record and can be trusted to develop your employees.

If you’re having trouble finding someone within your ranks, then try looking beyond your company and at renowned leaders within your industry. Looking for the perfect mentor or facilitator is definitely one of the hardest and most time-consuming tasks, but it should pay off in the end.



Establishes Clear and Achievable Goals for Attendees

Positive results are the benchmark of a successful leadership training program, but there’s no way to track them if you don’t establish clear and achievable goals. Aside from being able to track the success of your program, adding goals and milestones motivates your employees more since they have something to work towards.

These goals can be specific to each employee and can be set by having a sit-down with the mentor and deciding on short- and long-term goals. More often than not, your employees would want to improve their skills and knowledge and apply those to their work, so use those as measurements for success.

Aside from giving your employees some motivation and boosting their confidence, you can also use their progress to evaluate your leadership training program. Positive and consistent progress among all participants means that your program is doing great, but the opposite means there’s room for improvement and changes must be made.



Uses multiple teaching and learning methods

Uses Multiple Teaching and Learning Methods

Every person absorbs new information and learns new concepts in ways that are different from other people. There are visual learners, auditory learners, verbal learners, and more, and it’s important to take this into consideration when you’re making a leadership training program.

Since you can’t group your employees based on their learning styles, you have to think of a way to cater to all of them. The best one is to use multiple teaching methods and create a multi-media training program. What this means is that you will be making use of all the best learning methods like written materials, group activities, one-on-one sessions, and the like.

This multi-media approach not only ensures that all your employees learn but also makes the program fun and unique. Soon, it will be something they get excited about and not just a mandatory program that they have been forced to attend.



Key Takeaway

There may not be a one-size-fits-all formula for leadership training in the Philippines, but there are things you can apply to your own program to ensure that it is as successful and effective as possible.

You need only to remember to keep your group small, have an experienced leader facilitate it, establish clear goals, and use different teaching methods. Of course, these alone aren’t enough to guarantee success, but they’re a good start.

There are still things such as tailoring the program to your employees’ and company’s needs and aligning it to your organization’s goals and such. Only when you combine such practices with what is listed here can you truly be confident about your leadership training program!

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