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What Are the Characteristics of Key Players in Your Organization?


What are the characteristics of key players in your organization?

  1. Collaborative
  2. Honest
  3. Optimistic
  4. Self-disciplined
  5. Competitive


Organizational key players are employees who keep your business running. They are the top performers who employers prioritize their resources on because their skills and specialties bring added value to the company.

To quickly identify the said players in your company, specialists from leadership training in the Philippines advise employers to go beyond than what is written on applicant resumes and give them a timeframe to not just assess the potential of these individuals, but the characteristics that they possess as well.

Companies should keep in mind the specific characteristics needed to boost company performance when looking for applicants. In the case that their chosen applicant isn’t the best on the field, they can still invest in them by helping them polish their skills and mindsets.

Thus, it can be helpful for your operational efficiency to know the different characteristics of key players in your organization.



Collaborations are the backbone of success. When individuals have no difficulty going outside of their headspace and collaborate with their co-workers, they have the potential to make one of the biggest impacts to even the smallest of companies.

Those who know how to be a team player shine the most when they work together as a unit. They know how to make a team with the most diverse personalities function like a well-oiled machine. They understand that more hands can produce higher work quality with a short amount of time. Second, they understand that some people are just more efficient than them in certain aspects and do not feel threatened by their strengths. Due to this form of humbleness, they learn and become more talented in their job.



Organizations need employees who are straightforward. These employees don’t mince words or beat around the bush to help speed up the development of their co-workers and of the company. Although they possess this attitude, they offer constructive criticisms to avoid anyone harboring negative feelings towards each other.

They also bring this attitude in their practice as work in correspondence to their values. Furthermore, they benefit the senior officers by keeping their feet planted on the ground and their image of the company as realistic as possible.

In order to let these exceptional individuals further help your organization flourish, it is best to put them in supervisor positions and bolster their abilities further with leadership development training. As employees in charge of groups, they can:

  • Have their sincere feedback listened to
  • Prevent staff members from overstepping company rules
  • Warns others of internal criminal activity



Optimistic employees possess a resourceful nature in a sense where they can take both sides of any situation and devise a plan for the best outcome. Instead of focusing on the negative side, they brainstorm right away on new tactics or strategies for making improvements. In addition, they support their co-workers. By spreading positivity, they gain supporters and allies along the way.

These go-with-the-flow type of employees weigh heavy to your company because they see what most employees can’t; the good side of everything, making your workplace’s environment a more positive one.

With the applied principles of leadership training in the Philippines, optimistic employees make great team heads because they can make individuals feel more inspired about their work.




Key players who possess self-discipline know how to keep their priorities in check. They do not need much supervision for they prefer not wasting their time from fulfilling responsibilities and accomplishing their tasks. They are the employees with the potential of benefitting the most from the company’s leadership development programs. In fact, they could be a great fit for managerial positions.



These employees play to win and will stop at nothing to be the best in the business. They are willing to explore ideas that some are too afraid to consider even doing. When put in a team, they look out for their members by challenging them to go beyond their comfort zones.

Competitive people can make your business organization succeed by:

  • Inspiring co-workers to take risks
  • Engaging with all sorts of clients
  • Pointing out possible mistakes in the company

To make the most out of their abilities, it is best to give them responsibilities which allow a lot of freedom, challenges, and the promise of great reward.


Key Takeaway

Business organizations would not be where they are without their key players. The specific characteristics and different strengths of these individuals are what enable them to go beyond what is expected of a normal employee. They contribute greatly to the stability and growth of not only other co-workers but of the company as well. In order to easily find the right people, every company should know what key player characteristics are really are.

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