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3 Best Businesspeople to Learn Public Speaking From


Who are the best businesspeople to learn public speaking from?

  1. Chinkee Tan
  2. Sean Si
  3. Francis Kong



Public speaking means that you have to speak in front of hundreds or thousands of people—most of whom are strangers to you—for a set amount of time. Usually, it lasts for an hour or two but it’s not unusual to go over that. During which, you are expected to speak and deliver a message with confidence and clarity. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your breath and everyone’s time. Least to say that it is one of the scariest things to do and the hardest skill to master.

Luckily, public speaking training in the Philippines is very common and accessible. Schools and other educational institutions hold training camps for their students, while organizations and businesses offer them to professionals who want to develop the skill. These training courses, camps, and sessions are meant to lessen the attendees’ fear of public speaking and teach them how to create and deliver great and memorable speeches.

Ultimately, their goal is to shape people into the best public speaker they can be, and they do this by inviting the best in the business and asking them to hold training sessions and talks. If you’re interested to know who the best people to learn public speaking from, then simply continue reading as we have them listed below!



Chinkee Tan (Source - chinkeetan.com)

(Source: chinkeetan.com)

Chinkee Tan

Chinkee Tan, also known as Mr. Chink Positive—a play on the phrase ‘think positive’—is a financial expert and motivational speaker who speaks of ways to live debt-free and financially wealthy. He has held a lot of talks that teach people the ways of experiencing financial freedom.

An important thing to note about his speeches and talks is that they all stem from personal experience. In his youth, Chinkee Tan had to go through a lot of challenges which were all related to the big losses that his father’s business encountered. As the eldest of three children, he had to peddle anything he could to his peers just to make ends meet.

Now, not only is he a renowned public speaker who has helped a lot of people but is also a radio host, TV personality, and author. He has overcome many trials and is now sharing his wisdom and knowledge with people who are undergoing similar troubles through public speaking.



Sean Si (Source - seansi.org)

(Source: seansi.org)

Sean Si

Sean Si delves into what is currently one of the booming industries in the Philippines: search engine optimization, or SEO. At the young age of 22, he founded and became the CEO of SEO Hacker, an Internet marketing and SEO company specializing and offering a wide variety of SEO services. Not long after, he established two more companies, namely Qeryz and Sigil Digital Marketing. On top of that, he also built a co-working space in Southern NCR called Workplays.

In between his busy schedule as CEO of three companies and landlord of a co-working space, Sean mentors and coaches aspiring businesspeople. What he enjoys most is talking to young entrepreneurs about starting a company from the ground—as he did. Aside from that, he also teaches people the importance and relevance of SEO, especially in today’s digital age.

Much like all great speakers, most of his stories come from personal experience. He does not shy away from telling people about his past failures and actually shares them in hopes that people don’t make the same mistakes. This unapologetic approach is what really makes him one of the best public speakers to learn from.



Francis Kong (Source - amazinglifedaily.com)

(Source: amazinglifedaily.com)

Francis Kong

Francis Kong is an exceptional public speaker and he has a number of prestigious awards to prove it. A few of his most notable awards include an Anvil Award for Excellence for staging the Dr. John Maxwell Leadership Seminar Series and a 2006 Gold Quill Philippines Award for Public Speech. His name holds a lot of weight and resounds in every industry in the Philippines.

To this day, he has hosted more than 300 talks and seminars worldwide. In these seminars, he imparts wisdom and knowledge in order for attendees to develop and grow. He provides valuable information on how to start and manage a business as well as how to become an exceptional leader in any industry. What makes him credible as a speaker is not his shiny awards but his successful track record as a businessman.

Because of his more-than-impressive credentials, many believe for him to be an untouchable and unapproachable person, but the truth is actually the opposite. Francis Kong is a man of many trades—broadcaster, journalist, author, and consultant—and he uses every medium available to share his knowledge with whoever needs it.



Key Takeaway

Surely there are more noteworthy public speakers in the Philippines, but the three listed above are without a doubt the best businesspeople to learn public speaking from. They have spent a huge chunk of their lives talking in front of people—motivating and inspiring them—and are dedicated to doing so for as long as possible. They are also often invited to highlight public speaking training events in the Philippines, further solidifying their status as great public speakers. So the next time you come by an event that is headlined by any of these three speakers, don’t hesitate to take part in it as you’ll surely learn more than you can imagine!

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