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5 Benefits of Lean Six Sigma to Your Company


How can the application of Lean Six Sigma make a significantly positive impact to any business organization?

  1. Higher Employee Effectivity
  2. Lowered Cost Rates
  3. Enhanced Customer Relations
  4. Improved Planning Tactics
  5. Better Time management



Lean Six Sigma is a type of methodology that is built on a collaborative team dynamic as to systematically improve business performance by removing ‘waste’ and reducing it to mere variation. This methodology is a blend of lean manufacturing, lean enterprise, and Six Sigma in order to eliminate the common types of company waste:

  • Defects
  • Overproduction
  • Waiting
  • Non-Utilized Talent
  • Transportation
  • Inventory
  • Motion
  • Extra-Processing

Lean Six Sigma can be utilized in improving the totality of business operations; it offers a framework for all-inclusive organizational culture change. Everything from upper-management to customer service training in the Philippines can reap the benefits of how Lean Six Sigma’s core principles are built on the virtues of effective leadership training.

Below are the major beneficial elements of applying a Lean Six Sigma approach:



Increased Levels of Employee Involvement

One of the greatest initial benefits of Lean Six Sigma is a significantly evident rise in employee participation through process improvements that are designed to assist teams in improving their overall processes thus increasing value for their customers; both internal and external.

Through the involvement of employees in the implementation of a Lean Six Sigma program, they gain a better sense of appreciation for how the output of other employees contributes to their own success. Without a competent officers who have undergone leadership trainings and motivated employees, every business is doomed to veer away from success. Organizations with fully engaged employees progressively and consistently demonstrate 25 to 50 percent improvements in productivity levels.



Reduced Cost Rates

Reduced Cost Rates

For the businesses that are engaged in a Lean Six Sigma program, one of the most primary benefits is a reduction in the costs that are associated with improvements to processes that require less time and even decrease errors that result in the inefficient tendency of rework.

Through examination and understanding what is it that customers value, then taking the right moves to eliminate unnecessary proceedings, the Lean Six Sigma methodology significantly decreases costs while maintaining and even increasing customer value.



Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

The Lean Six Sigma involves a determined focus in terms of customer requirements and necessities, as well as delivering nothing short of the highest possible value to customers. One of the benefits of the Lean Six Sigma technique is an unmistakable increase in customer satisfaction. The Lean Six Sigma program is focused on just product improvement, but as well as improvements in the realms of product delivery methods and other customer service-related issues that directly impact customer satisfaction levels.

Ultimately, the effect of increased customer satisfaction entails a spread of more positive word-of-mouth and repeated business transactions. Lean Six Sigma reduces the risk of your company dissatisfying or displeasing customers and thus taking their business elsewhere. Often times, companies remain oblivious to the true roots of dissatisfied customers. The customer studies of the Lean Six Sigma methodology attribute their critical success to understanding the true nature of customer satisfaction.



Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

The utilization of Lean Six Sigma techniques is an imperative and integral approach to any notion of a strategic vision. Once you and your business are at a point wherein you have crafted and implemented a mission statement and is carried out with a SWOT analysis, the Lean Six Sigma program can then provide its assistance in terms of focusing in on specific areas of your business operation that are in dire need of improvement.

One general instance of this case is if your implemented business strategy is based on being a formidable cost leader in the market, at this point, the Lean Six Sigma strategies can be utilized in the enhancement of internal processes that lead to increased yields, and the elimination of any traceable instance of unnecessary complexity. This leads to gaining or maintaining the lowest cost supplier agreements. It is indeed a fact that whatever it is your strategy happens to be, the Lean Six Sigma approach can be of great help in terms of making your company the absolute best at what it does.



Improved Time Management

The employment of a Lean Six Sigma methodology for your company can assist employees by helping them manage their time more effectively, which in turn, results in a more efficient and productive operation. Companies are often requested to set SMART goals and apply the general data principles of the Lean Six Sigma program towards those goals.

By looking at three key areas: learning, performance, and fulfillment, subscribers to the Lean Six Sigma advisory model are asked various questions on the interruptions in relation to professional goals. From this point, the formulation and implementation of an action plan will then be underway for adjusting schedules, routines, and company formalities and protocol.



Key Takeaway

Whether it’s leadership training or customer service training in the Philippines, companies that adhere to the Lean Six Sigma school of thought are ripe for the several performance-enhancing processes of the different approaches and techniques for internal and external strategic development.

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