Maria Luisa Guinto-Adviento, Ph.D.

Maria Luisa Guinto – Adviento is a training and development consultant in a variety of fields such as performance enhancement, sport and exercise psychology, developing the champion mindset, nurturing the inner genius, cultivating resilience in crises and disasters, facilitating adult learning and organizational development.

Marissa holds a doctorate in psychology from the Ateneo de Manila University and belongs to the pioneering batch of registered psychologists in the country. Her ground-breaking study on “What Makes a Champion” has been presented in international conferences such as the 2012 Pre-Olympic Scientific Congress, and has been the foundation of Inspire’s program, “GoldMind: Unleashing the Inner Champion.” She has also been recognized as a “Champion Scientist” and one of the country’s “Heroes of Health and Fitness” for 2014 (Men’s Health Magazine, May 2014). Her extensive work and practice in developing the champion mindset in work and life has made her a great resource to athletes, coaches, leaders, teams, organizations and communities in pursuit of their own championship.


Expertise: Champion Mindset, Performance Enhancement, Sport and Exercise Psychology, Training and Development, Team Building


Marissa Adviento