Marc Castrodes

He is a corporate trainer and consultant, motivational speaker, professional mediator and conciliator, and businessman. His experience in both the private and public sectors gives him insights and expertise in a broad range of topics.

He is the Lead consultant of Arete Leadership Development Consultancy. Alongside top consultants and trainers of the country, such as Francis Kong and Anthony Pangilinan, he has been doing consultancy and training work as well with Inspire Leadership Consultancy, Inc. .

He is sough for his expertise on Motivational Leadership, Organizational Communication, Conflict and Crisis Management, Customer Relations, Corporate Citizenship, among others. Topics that have been for many years now been customized, blended, and tailor fitted for the needs of various organizations, many of which rank among the country’s top corporations.

A gifted communicator and a dynamic public speaker, his training programs and motivational talks have been fun and insightful. Skills honed from being a former National Oratorical Champion and International Debater and Adjudicator. He is also an awardee of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines in 1996.

As the main public affairs host of PTV Channel 4, he anchors special for a for national leaders and other key events such as the Annual SONA of the President. As a businessman, he is the Chairman of the Board of Aretei Foods Corp. which owns the brands Cookie Sticks and Little Cakes, and Vameca Foods Corp which operates Tiyo’s Cuisine.

He is a former Commissioner at Large of the National Youth Commission, Member of the Board of the Optical Media Board, and Vice Chairman of the Movie Television Review and Classification Board.

He is a triathlete, marathon runner, badminton player, and fountain pen collector. Husband to Tricia F. Castrodes and dad to Bien, Daniela, and Miguel; he lives in Marikina City.


Expertise: Conflict and Crisis Management, Motivational Leadership, Organizational Communication, Customer Relations, Corporate Citizenship, Labor Problems, Employee Problems, Coaching


Marc Castrodes

I enjoyed it very much because Marc was very lively, informative and most of all had a great sense of humor. This made me not lose my attention at any point during the entire training.

Denise Atizado
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