Ariel B. Driz

  • 30 years experience in Lean-Six Sigma Quality Management, Operational Excellence and Management, Project and Program Management across different Service Delivery, Transactional and Manufacturing industries ( Multi-national and major local companies): High Tech Manufacturing, BPO and Shared Services, Financial Services, Insurance, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Retail and Wholesale, KPO, IT, Health Care, Garments and Telecoms.
  • One of the Pioneers of Six Sigma in the Philippines. He was among the first batch of engineers trained in Six Sigma in Motorola. Won Worldwide GOLD MEDAL in the Six Sigma Total Customer Satisfaction Competition (Motorola Illinois, USA). Coached or advised 3 other Gold Medalists in the same competition. Coached and Advised more than 10 Award-winning (Local and Global) Six Sigma Teams at Motorola. At Pulse Philippines, led Manufacturing Organization as it garnered Intel’s Best Supplier Recognition in 2000 using Lean and JIT.
  • Certifier, Certified Master Black Belt and Master Instructor for Lean -Six Sigma Black Belt (Six Sigma Experts -, Training and certifying professionals across the Philippines, Vietnam and US. Grantee, in Lean-Six Sigma Black Belt Asian Productivity Organization, Taiwan.
  • Worldwide Center of Excellence Head of Six Sigma Test Quality/Test Escapes at Motorola (USA, Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, UK/Scotland, France and Mexico).
  • As a technologist and a Six Sigma practitioner, technical work consistently presented and published in the annual Association of Semi-conductors/Electronics Engineering Symposium (ASEMEP) and more recently in the 5th Philippine Six Sigma Conference.


Expertise: Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Process Improvement, Project Engineering


Ariel Driz

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