Ardy S. Abello

He has been involved with training and public speaking since his college days as a Student Leader at La Salle Greenhills and De La Salle University, where he majored in Marketing Management. Heading various school organizations as well as being involved with the Student Council opened up for him learnings in Leadership and Team concepts, this he applies in the seminars he conducts.

He joined Business Works in 1998 and achieved his Sr. Consultant status in 2000. Currently, he is a top-ranked motivational speaker and hi-impact trainer and the President of Business Works, Incorporated. As a Senior Consultant, he has successfully trained and influenced the top management teams of different companies belonging to the Top 100 Corporations in our country today.

He has keynoted in corporate sales rallies, conventions and conferences on various topics such as Leadership, Team Work, Top Performance, Work-Life Balance and many more. He was a Focused Workshop Speaker on Marketing and Customer Service at the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) World Conference in Atlanta, Georgia in June 2011.

A member of the American Society for Training and Development, an international organization involved in the wholistic development of individuals for top performance. He is the youngest internationally certified trainer of John Maxwell’s “Developing the Leader Within You” and the “Laws of Teamwork” with INSPIRE Leadership Consultancy Inc.

As a Social Entrepreneur, his training and consulting work extends beyond the borders of the Corporate world and into the Local Government Units, Education, Foundations, NGOs, Associations, Fellows the Religious sector and much more. He is also a host for corporate events and business forums such as GoNegosyo and Entrepreneur Networking Night, to name a few, (most are non-media or non-showbiz events), due to his training and consulting discipline he is able to bring to each event what he would like to call “Intelligent Hosting” and so adding value to each event he hosts.


Expertise: Teambuilding, Leadership, Time Management, Insight Performance


Ardy Abello

“The rate by which change is changing has changed”Ardy Abello