Level Up Leadership

Developed & Facilitated by Francis J. Kong


This two day seminar-workshop is a comprehensive course on leadership training designed to equip current as well as high potential leaders with effective and proven principles, behaviors and applications with the objective to develop the business organization’s most important asset – their valued people. This is based on the philosophy that as leaders develop themselves they lead their people better and as a winning team grow the business.


  1. The structural changes in business organizations.
  2. A practical understanding of the difference between management and leadership.
  3. The rationale why leadership skills require updates and upgrades.

Participants: Chief Executives, Managers, Supervisors, High Potential Leadership Candidates, Business Owners

Duration: 2 Days

Delivery: Public Runs, Train the Trainers Program, In-house

"It helps me becomemore open minded and more considerate and understanding on others' situation. I realized that i have some of the qualities/values of a leader but i dont know how to show/execute it."

Kristine dela Cruz
Moonyeen Holdings Inc. - HR Supervisor

"I think INSPIRE's name lives up to what it aims to do. It brought not only learnings but more importantly rekindled the fire for leadership. My take home is great leaders should aspire not to expire, they should last for a lifetime."

Reena Chiquillo
Megaworld - AVP - Training, Recruitment and Research

"Level Up Leadership is a very practical course on leadership that teaches you not just leadership skills but life skills essential to becoming a "holistic" leader at work and at home."

Apple Diaz
Robinsons Retail - Learning & Development Manager