Knockout Presentation Skills

Developed & Facilitated by Anthony Pangilinan

What does it take to be a champion in communication?

It’s not the gloves, nor the jacket, nor the shoes. It’s the impact.

Inspire’s Knock-Out Presentation Skills Program teaches the dynamics behind effective communication. Through stage training and unconventional exercises, the program aims to inculcate a distinct way of understanding the purpose of communication, the audience, strategizing the process, guiding preparation, presenting, and creating lasting power.

Facilitated by Mr. Anthony Pangilinan, a highly-acclaimed speaker and presenter, the program has been sought by the country’s corporate and individual presenters in the development of their presentation skills both for corporate setting and everyday life.

Program Outline

PURPOSE. Knowing why you are presenting in the first place. Goals and Objectives for the presentation.

PEOPLE. Knowing who you are presenting to in the first place. Audience Analysis, Client Assessment, People Connection.

PROCESS. Knowing how to present your information. Introduction, Body, Conclusion. Flow of presentation from Icebreaker to Closing.

POWERPOINT (or Media!). Knowing what tools to use to enhance and support your presentation. The latest in presentation techniques and methodology.

PERSONAL PREPARATIONS. Time Management. Presentation Preparation. Personal Look and Packaging. Head to Foot Assessment. You as the Number 1 Audio-visual!

POWER! Personal Enthusiasm. Sustained Energy. The Power Within.


Participants: All level in the organization

Duration: 1 Days

Delivery: Public Runs, Train the Trainers Program, In-House


I always love taking classes with people from different backgrounds. I especially love how interactive this class is because it is great to learn together especially with a topic like KPS. The exercises, drills, actual presentations, our presentor, the prizes, the tips, etc. I loved seeing everyone improve by the final presentation!

Ana Karylle Yuzon
Singer, Host, Blogger

Training was lively and informational at the same time. Speaker pointed out examples applicable and relevant to the type of work we do. speaker also used different types of media.

Ron De Guzman
Navitaire (Accenture) - Software Dev Senior Analyst