Impact Speaking and Presentation Skills

Developed & Facilitated by Marc Castrodes

The need to speak in order to captivate audiences, convince clients and investors, and motivate teams is crucial in today’s highly competitive world.

It is no longer enough that speakers and presenters could speak and relay the messages, it is necessary that they do so in a manner that develops conviction and drives action.

This program will walk the participants through the essentials of business communication, assertive communication, and motivational communication. This contains advance communication technique and presentation skills.

This 1-day module will be conducted with a mix of interactive lectures, fun discussions, activities and simulations.

National Oratorical Champion, International Debater, News Anchor, Public Speaking Professor, and Public Speaking Book Author-- Marc B. Castrodes, shall be the program trainer-facilitator. His experience in public speaking, presentation and media is extremely rich. He has developed lessons, approaches, and methodologies that make his trainings truly enriching and inspiring.

He is also a Corporate Consultant/Trainer and businessman. He is also the President and CEO of Aretei Foods Corp and Chairman of the Board of Vameca Foods Corp.


This module will cover the following learning areas:

A. Business Communication 101 – “Becoming a Captivating and Moving Speaker

  • Communication in the Social Media Age
  • Business Communication and the Relationship Economy
  • Making Fear an Ally
  • Commit to Speak Well
  • The Science of Preparation
  • Connecting with the Audience
  • Captivating Delivery
  • Advance Delivery Dynamics and Techniques
  • Communication Range Management
  • The Creative Process

B. Assertive Communication – “Be Assertive, But Not Offensive

  • Pitching and Presentation Skills
  • Defining the Core Message
  • Minding the Tone, Inflection, Courtesy, and Speed
  • Listening and Probing Skills
  • Delivering Negative Messages
  • Using technology

C. Motivational Communication - “Excellent Performance is the Best Statement

  • Understanding Motivation
  • The how-to’s of motivation
  • Sustaining Motivation
  • Establishing a Culture

Participants: Any level in the organization

Duration: 1 Days

Delivery: Public Runs, In-House