Developed & Facilitated by Ma. Luisa Guinto-Adviento, PhD, RP

Hiring the best talents does not ensure a winning team.

A winning team is a group of people intensely and intently working toward a common goal.

Building a winning team involves developing a compelling vision that captivates the hearts and minds of its members. It requires providing the environment for them to effectively work together. It also entails equipping the team with effective communication skills that facilitate positive and constructive interactions among members of the team. Furthermore, it instills the champion mindset throughout the organization so that each member is a stakeholder in the success of the company.

Team building is essentially the process of enabling a group of people to achieve their common goal. Scheduling an out-of-town rest and recreation day full of fun activities such as bungee jumping, paintball battles, rappelling, wake boarding, or banana boat riding will not necessarily build team relationships or address problems in decision-making. While these activities may be appropriate for a seasonal celebration, they may, at best be forms of team bonding that make the members feel good but not necessarily improve their performance.

Team building initiatives fail to deliver desirable outcomes because they simply utilise generic activities upon groups with hardly any genuine consideration for what they truly needed to attain their goals.

At Inspire, the needs of the team lead the design of a customized team building program. Objectives stemming from these needs are clearly stated so that they can be realistically met by the end of the program. For some, a creative and physically engaging outdoor program might be appropriate in addressing their concerns. For others, a highly interactive program with lots of opportunities for discussion could be a good starting point. Acknowledging differences among teams and creating tailor-fit programs that take into account unique circumstances and concerns of each team ensure greater return on investment than utilizing one-size-fits-all seminars that entertain but do not do much in responding to actual needs.

At the core of great teamwork is a shared commitment to common goals. Thus, team building design at Inspire basically involves the following objectives:

  1. Clarify team goals
  2. Ensure ownership and commitment to those goals
  3. Recognize the issues that inhibit the team from reaching their goals
  4. Address these inhibitors to diminish their negative effects
  5. Develop enabling skills, systems, and processes to facilitate the achievement of goals at a higher standard
  6. Build an effective monitoring and evaluation system to sustain the functioning of a great team

Given these objectives, team building involves more than just a single activity. It is a long-term program that is comprised of carefully-designed components that ultimately build the winning team that achieves its goals.