Developed & Facilitated by Ma. Luisa Guinto-Adviento, PhD, RP

The Inner Edge of Corporate Champions

The battle for the gold medal is first won in the mind and second in the field. It is a gold mind that achieves the gold medal. Organizations that seek their competitive edge in the marketplace utilize the Gold Mind™ technology to bring their corporate performance to a champion level.

Anyone tasked to perform in a work environment can improve and optimize performance by mastering thoughts, feelings, and physical states associated with champion performance. Gold Mind™ derives its training program from the field of performance psychology that has initially been used in training professional and Olympic athletes but has been effectively applied in a variety of human performance domains such as business, military, and performance arts.

Using the power of the mind has become a vital component in training today’s elite athletes for sustained peak performance. A gold mind is characterized by a competitive mindset in habitual pursuit of excellence. It is evident in the execution of any task or responsibility as a crucial element in achieving extraordinary performance in any field, from the most ordinary task of daily functioning to the most extraordinary challenge in life.

Developing the corporate champion is similar to training elite athletes. Given the pressures inherent in the competitive marketplace, players in the corporate arena require more than just technical skills to break through performance plateaus and slumps or ineffective methods in the workplace. The Gold Mind™ Training Program was created to develop the champion mindset as the inner edge of peak performance at the work place.

A.The Components of the Gold Mind™ Training Program:

  1. Fundamentals of Champion Performance.
  2. Direction, Determination, and Destination.
  3. To See is to Believe. Success comes to those who believe they have what it takes to succeed.
  4. Focus: Zooming In and Zooming Out. Aiming one’s focus on the right subject is essential to essential to champion performance.
  5. Thriving under Pressure and Stress. Understanding how stress operates positively or negatively in the human system is vital to achieving and sustaining champion performance.
  6. Nurturing Adaptability and Resilience. Preparation for adversity is integral to survive and flourish in the competitive world of business.

B. Learning Process:

The Gold Mind™ training program employs the method of experiential learning. Basically, as the term suggests, this involves learning from experience. Borrowing from its main proponent David Kolb, this type of learning involves “the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience” (David A. Kolb, 1984). Thus, this program will provide structured learning experiences from which the participants will draw the knowledge, skills, and attitudes integral to a champion mindset at the work place. From their learning experiences during the training program, participants will be able to apply the lessons to their work place.

Participants: Any level of the organizations

Duration: 1 Days

Delivery: Public Runs, In-House


"Having the study conducted on 5 champion athletes gave me inspiration to find my own. The facilitator, being a psychologist, helped me realized my mistakes and tips on how to deal with it."

Jonell Enrique
NEC Telecom - SDE II

"The speaker helped me discover things about my past experiences that helped me to where I am now. Activities are fun and brain stimulating."

Linzi Joie Mates
NEC Telecom - Accounting Staff