Conflict Management in the Workplace

Developed & Facilitated by Atty. Marc Castrodes

Most people think that conflicts bring pure negativity in the workplace. With this, most Filipinos prefer and resort to put value on the “relationships” instead of working for the benefit of the organization. However, what most employees do not know was that the greatest ideas and strength of teams come from clashing point of views and opinions.

Conflict Management by Atty. Marc Castrodes has been attended by thousands of executives, managers, and supervisors from different fields to learn how to handle conflicts the right way. Atty. Marc believes that conflicts, if handled correctly, could generate greater benefit for the individual, the team and the organization.

The program educates participants on the kinds of conflicts, its potentials, prevention, and resolution. Through the use of cases, tools, and thousands of experiences by Atty. Marc Castrodes, it teaches ways on how to turn conflicts into opportunities for growth and development.

Program Objective

  • Assess his/her knowledge, skills, and attitudes towards communicating with clients and superiors.
  • Redefine the concept of assertive communication among the participants
  • Perform diagnostic exercises on non-verbal communication techniques.
  • Practice communication skills in various role-playing situations
  • Instill the right attitudes that will help improve their ability to assertively communicate

Program Outline

Module 1: Understanding Conflict

  1. The Reality of Conflict

    • The Anatomy of Conflict
    • Consequences of Conflict

  2. Conflict as an Opportunity

    • Establish or Refine System
    • Acceptance and Tolerance
    • Improved Team Chemistry

  3. Develop the Culture of Peace

    • Peacemaking Leaders
    • Peacemaking Protocols
    • The Value of Limits
    • Clearly Define the Limits

Module 2: Conflict Management Skills

  1. Conflict Counseling

    • When to Intervene
    • Principles of Conflict Counseling
    • Conflict Counseling Agenda
    • Conflict Counseling Dos & Dont’s

  2. Proper Confrontation/Negotiation

    • When to Confront
    • How to Confront
    • Do’s and Don’ts of Confrontation/Negotiation
    • Post confrontation must-dos

  3. Mediation

    • Mediation Protocols
    • Mediation Principles
    • Mediation Agenda

Module 3: Conflict Management Training Workshop

  • Conflict Counseling Simulation
  • Confrontation/Negotiation Exercises
  • Mediation Simulation

Participants: Any level in the organization

Duration: 1 Days

Delivery: Public Runs, Train the Trainers Program, In-House


Conflict Management provides the participant with the tools that he needs to deal with conflicts at the workplace by developing and/or enhancing one's skills in confrontation, counselling and mediation.

Apple Diaz
Robinsons Retail - Learning & Development Manager

Very applicable to me as my position usually involved counselling and difficult conversations. The timing and pacing of the seminar is just right. Brings my simulation skills out.

Mai Magleo
Robinsons Supermarket - AVP Marketing

It teaches us how to handle conflict, mediate and find a solution that is acceptable with both parties

Rean Dimaranan
Kalayaan Engineering - Project In Charge