Lean Six Sigma - Black Belt

Facilitated by Ariel Driz


We live in a very competitive and global environment. Right before our eyes, businesses evolve and transform, products and services need to satisfy different levels of perfection year after year, as companies pursue customer satisfaction and delight.

Organizations who have acknowledged this, have found the Lean and Six Sigma Program to be an effective, structured, data-driven, way to performance improvement and transformation.

At the forefront of all these, are change agents who will drive, guide, mentor and lead. These leader-experts are called Lean Six Sigma BLACK BELTS. The Black Belt is equipped with a comprehensive knowledge in the application of the tools and methodology of Lean and Six Sigma in various operations, effecting significant reduction in Cost, improvement in Cycle Time, Defect Reduction, Quality improvement , higher efficiency resulting into superior business results.

This program is aimed to train and certify existing Six Sigma Green Belts and Process/Industry Experts in the Lean-Six Sigma Black Belt body of knowledge and its application for various operations or business models.

This 10-day Black Belt training and certification workshop program is spread in of 2-3 months, to enable the qualified candidate absorb, assimilate and apply the tools and methodology. Relevant exercises and multi-media materials will also be used to ensure adequate knowledge absorption and retention.


The learning expectations of the participants are the following:

  • Thorough understanding and application of the Lean-Six Sigma methodology, its process improvement tools and techniques to various operational and business models.
  • Learn how to develop the different work deliverables in each stage of the DMAIC cycle.
  • Learn how to manage major Lean-Six Sigma projects, mentor and train Six Sigma Green Belts/Yellow Belts.
  • Add value to the organization by defining and pursuing relevant projects that will significantly improve Profitability, Quality, Productivity, Cost, Efficiency and Customer Delight.


  • Green Belt Certified
  • Must have one potential Six Sigma project to brought in class.


  • Completion of the Black Belt classroom training
  • Pass Certification Exams and Checkpoint Exams (80%)
  • Successful Completion of Exercises and Case Studies during training
  • Completion of Two Black Belt Six Sigma projects

Participants: Certified Green Belt

Duration: 10 day staggered seminar-workshop

Delivery: Public Runs, In House