AIM High: Winning Insights for Top Performance

Developed & Facilitated by Ardy S. Abello

Feeling demotivated?

Most people think that doing what is required is synonymous to excellence. However, to harvest a gold, you don’t simply bore a shovel in the soil.

Fill your much needed regular gas of inspiration with AIM HIGH! Winning Insights for Top Performance. AIM HIGH! seeks to bring revive the fire and unleash the best in every person by teaching the 4 insights of excellence. The program teaches that goal-driven performers do not settle for what is good, being outstanding and consistent is key, leading with positive influence is essential, and that discipline produces lasting results.

From creating a personal vision to the implementation of strategies, AIM HIGH! brings out the best in every individual by not seeking what is needed, but by looking for what would stand-out. With the highly-acclaimed speaker Ardy Abello as facilitator, the participants are presented with tools, cases, and real life situations that will inculcate the sense of top performance in everyday life.

Program Outline

Insight 1: Goal-Driven Performers do NOT Settle for the Good!

  • “Being good at many things will hinder you from being GREAT at one thing.”
  • Vision Defined and Qualities of a Powerful Vision
  • Me-diocrity (willingness to settle for the good) is work good enough for ME, learn to INNOVATE for quality output
  • Stay the course in an ever-changing world

Insight 2: Outstanding and Consistent Performance Makes one Stand-out

  • “Outstanding and consistent performance will make a team STANDOUT!”
  • The Natural and Acquired Abilities
  • Outstanding performance requires us to stretch out of our “Comfort Zones” but remain within our Gifts Zones
  • Developing a Consistent Performance Mindset

Insight 3: Lead with Positive Influence Always!

  • “Lead not with position but with RESPECT earned over time.”
  • Leadership Defined and Areas of Influence
  • Positive Inputs through Coaching for Top Performance
  • Excellence is NOT an Option! It’s a MUST!

Insight 4: Daily Discipline Produce Long-term Results!

  • “Disciplined MIND, HEART and BODY produces strength of Character over time.”
  • The Power of Self Discipline
  • Discipline of the Mind to Keep on Learning
  • Discipline of the Body and Soul

Participants: Any level in the organization

Duration: 1 Days

Delivery: Public Runs, Train the Trainers Program, In-House


This will help employees set their life time goals and set their right values.

Keycy Buan

It refreshes the ideas and revitalizes the ideals that I once had when starting my career. It will also help greatly in my day to day job and will let me contribtue and become more productive in my work.

Roji Nulud
Service Delivery Manager

This is by far the most interesting program that I've been to. It made me realize what are the missing values that I once had

Jaybee Cobangbang
SAP Basis L2 Engineer