The Marketing Leadership Clinic

Developed & Facilitated by Wilfrido Victor Esguerra Arcilla


The Marketing Leadership Clinic is a new and unique 2-in-1 workshop that combines classroom training with live consultancy sessions conducted by The Brand Healer, Wilfrido Victor Esguerra Arcilla, or “Willy” to friends, the Philippine Marketing Association’s Agora Awardee for Marketing Excellence in the Asia-Pacific region. Willy has chalked up a total of 30 years of extensive experience and a proven track record in revitalizing sick, even dying brands and turning around troubled, bleeding companies from 22 years of working for US Fortune 500 MNCS and PH Top 1000 Corporations in Greater China and around the ASEAN region plus 8 years of training and consultancy for Philippine MSMEs, driven by his advocacy to help Filipino companies grow and Filipino brands win in an increasingly competitive global economy. The mission of The Brand Healer is to help companies heal their brands because “Healthier Brands are Wealthier Brands”.


Why is it called a CLINIC?

The word “CLINIC” has a double meaning. It is where patients go to their doctors or dentists for a check-up and diagnosis, therapy and prescription, before their health gets worse and necessitates emergency treatment, confinement or even the ICU.  It is the same with managing brands and companies. At the same time, the word “CLINIC” is also used to describe training sessions usually in sports, e.g., a tennis clinic, golf clinic, basketball clinic, football clinic where sports enthusiasts go for advanced coaching and conditioning, training and skills development. Therefore, the Marketing Clinic is where people can go to improve their Marketing skills as well as receive consultancy services to improve the health of their brands and their companies.



  • Module 1: The Purpose of Business
  • Module 2: Best Practices in MARKETING LEADERSHIP
  • Module 3: The Power of NAMES
  • Module 4: Marketing is LOVE
  • Module 5: HEALING Brands



Consistent with the original meaning of the word “CLINIC” which is the teaching of medicine at a patient’s bedside, there is ample time for Consultancy Sessions for delegates to obtain concrete and actionable results. Get Real Answers to Real Questions. Find Real Solutions to Real Problems.


Participants: Presidents, CEOs, Executives, Managers, Supervisors
Duration: 1 Day
Delivery: Public Runs


Available Dates for This Year